Cromer Bubble’s Friday Blog, 9th July 2021

Hello Cromer Bubble,

We had to do P.E. between the rain showers!  We had beautiful sunshine and heavy rain!

We worked on our javelin skills, shotput skills, bowling skills and getting the bean bag into the giant bucket.


We have been watching the Euros and we are all excited for the match on Sunday.

T.G.: “I’m very excited because it’s the finals and if England win they will have a trophy and it’s the first Euro win in a long time.”

Zayd: “I want England to win because they will be happy.”

A.A.C.: “Every time England scores the beer goes up in the air!”

Isaac: “If England wins I will run down the street and get a Phil Foden hair cut.”

Preston: “If England wins I will get the England flag shaved into my hair.”

We even designed our own footballs:

Designed by Preston:

Designed by Harlee:


Designed by Jamie:

Designed by Franky:

The footballs are now decorating our classroom.


In literacy we have been looking at ‘Voices’ by Anthony Browne.  We are looking at different points of view and we found so much more in the book the more we looked at it.  If you haven’t read it, take a look.  We think you’ll like it.

Jasmine: “How the different points of view are similar but different at the same time. I like the pictures.”

Pippa: “It’s fun to find all the secrets that are hidden in the pictures. Every time you turn a page, there’s new secrets.”

Harlee: “How each picture has got a different image within it.”

Brayden: “You find things in the pictures that you don’t see to begin with.  I liked how interesting it was.”

Nicole: “When you read it for the first time it doesn’t seem very good, but when you read it again and again it gets better and better.”

Danny: “See if you can find the secrets in the background.”

Franky: “It’s unique.  Every time you turn a page, you find hidden pictures.”


Over and Above

Reuben and Pearl for literacy.

See you next week.


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