Happy Heacham!

We’ve been a very busy lot of people!

This is our work on Georges Seurat.

We learnt about him from looking at his pictures, listening to what Miss Cook had found out, and watching this video.

Art with Mati and Dada – George Seurat | Kids Animated Short Stories in English – YouTube

We used pencil crayons to complete pictures in a pointillist style, and then we tried using paint to make our own pictures.  We used our fingers instead of paintbrushes to remind us to do the dots and not use brushstrokes.


We have been exploring the new programme that Miss Cook has found, and it has lots of different touch screen options.  We’ve enjoyed seeing the screen react to what we are doing.


We’ve been going through photos and put up a lot in the corridor for the new parents so that they can see the kinds of things that we do in EYFS.   It’s hard because they can’t really come in and see at the moment because of the dreaded COVID, but we put up the pictures anyway, and the children have enjoyed finding themselves – we think everyone is on there somewhere!



We’ve also checked everyone’s phonics, everyone’s Y1 exception words, and completed a unit of work on position and direction!

Well done my lovelies.  You’re doing a great job.





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