Blakeney has a lot to celebrate!


This week, Blakeney has a lot to celebrate because the whole class earned ‘Over and Above’ recognition in our assembly today. I was so proud of the way the mature and respectful way that they behaved at the start of the week while I was unwell. Each day,  I received posititve reports of their behaviour and was thrilled to learn that they had been working hard. In fact, when I return to work I was really impressed with the quality of the work they produced. Well done to all of you!

Today, we finally managed to find a break in the clouds during which we could dash outside with our volcanoes to see if we could produce a more dramatic ‘eruption’ than last time.

The first time we tried it, we used these ingredients:


But it was a bit of a disappointment, with just a few bubbles trickling out of the crater after giving it a thorough shake about! So, I went away and had a rethink…




This time, we tried these ingredients:

But despite shoving dozens of mentoes into the top as quickly as we could and running for the hills….. nothing happened.



So eventually, we just did this:









Oh well – we did enjoy making them and it was a really fun topic.

Next week, we’re going to have a go at growing sunflowers. Wish us luck!!


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