Thornham Friday Blog 14th May 2021

Hello Thornham,

I hope you have had a good week.  We have enjoyed our learning this week. In Art we are learning about the artist Georges Seurat.  We have started to learn how he used the style of Pointilism to create his amazing paintings. We  have had a go at using his style of shading.

Here are a few examples.

Over and Above
Aaishah for her lovely labeled picture of The Hungy Caterpillar and animal poster.


Amelia for her story she wrote at home and times tables work.

Theodore recited the following story to his mum-
Once upon a time there was an egg laying on one shiny bright leaf. One bright sunny morning there was a broken egg and a Queen Bee came out of the egg. She started to look for nectar.
Scarlett writing out numbers in tens, fives and fours. Also a lovely drawing of Spring flowers.
Also – Violet, Angel, Olivia and Franzine for their brilliant effort this week.
Finally, we have been enjoying our swimming lessons on a Monday morning.  We are hoping to have an extra fun session if we are the class that ordered the most hot dinners on Thursday (17th May).
Please encourage your child to have hot dinner with us next week.
Have a great weekend!
Mrs Stanley

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