Heacham’s busy week

This week Heacham class have been very busy!

  1. We made helicopters and talked about how they work using air resistance.


2) We measured a lot of things in our maths lessons, and talked about the difference between length and height.

3) We dressed up as superheroes and did superhero work as part of raising money for Comic Relief.  We talked about the money, where it goes, and why it is important.


4) We even did Superhero Batman yoga!

5) We played outside a lot because the weather was nicer.

6) We did monsters for our wellbeing and found out about 4 different monsters, including Edison, who is a problem solving monster.  He is shaped like a light bulb because Thomas Edison invented lightbulbs.

7) We swam in two groups this week, so everyone had a time to swim! It was brilliant.  We can’t lend kits so you have to remember to bring your own.

It was a very busy week – and next week will be even busier!


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