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Hello Cromer Blog,

This week was great as we had everybody back in class.

We’ve been working really hard.  We’ve written a hot task in literacy and done lots of maths.

In topic we looked at if ‘The Ancients Had Talent’.  We really enjoyed this piece of work and learned lots of new things.  We were surprised that some of things we have today are thousands of years old!

We started our new PSHE work – ‘Jigsaw’.  We started to look at how we can look after our mental and physical health.


These people didn’t come into school at all during lockdown.  The children in the photos were happy to have their photos taken.

Take a look at what they had to say about coming back to school.

Natasha wrote: “I like being back with friends and playing with them.  I love learning at school.

Kristine wrote: “There are more people to be with.  Online work is hard. We can do swimming again.  I can see my friends again.”

Kamile wrote: “we can work harder, get to see our friends and learn better.”

Kacie wrote: “I think it’s great coming back to school because people can see their friends.  We had lots of time off so it’s good to be coming back to school so we can learn and do swimming and P.E.”

Jessica wrote: “I like coming back to school because I can see my friends and my teacher.”

Pippa wrote: “I like getting to see my friends and my teacher.  I like getting back into a routine.  I like getting more exercise.”

Franky wrote: “I like to see my mates again and get my sleep routine back to normal.”

Preston wrote: “It is nice to see all of your friends, to learn because we had 12 weeks off.  And, to see our amazing teacher.”

Emily wrote: “It’s really good that more people are coming to school.  There are more kids to play with and talk to.”

Jasmine wrote: “I enjoy being back at school because I get to see teachers and friends.  I enjoy being back in a routine.  I enjoy learning at school rather than at home.”

Ema wrote: “You get to see your friends and you can learn better.  You get to see your teachers.  It isn’t boring and you can play with your friends not your siblings.”

Danny wrote: “We get to do work better.  We get to see our friends.”

Matthew wrote: “I like to meet with my friends, learn more and have fun.”

Pearl wrote: “You have more people to talk to and you have more people to help you understand.”


These people either came into school full or part-time. The children in the photos were happy to have their photos taken.

Take a look at what they had to say about everyone coming back to school.

Isaac wrote: “I get to see more people and play bigger games of football.”

AJ wrote: “It’s nice to have more people to play with at playtime.”

A.A.C. wrote: “Having a few people in the class is ok but a whole class is complete.  There’s more people to talk to and play with at playtimes.”

Jamie wrote: “It’s nice to have more people to play with.  More people in class is better because it’s not so weird.”

Brayden wrote: “We get to have more people to play with at break.  More people to wo work with.”

Harlee wrote: “It’s better because there are more people to play with.  All your friends are in everyday instead of certain days or not coming in at all.

Erica wrote: “I like it when everybody is here because you get to see everyone’s beautiful smile. There are also more people to play with.  With everybody here it seems like an actual classroom.  With everyone here we can become better as a class.”

Nicole wrote: “The best thing about the class being back is that the class will be filled with laughter.  We will also not have to do online lessons as it distracts people in class.”

Ellerslie wrote: “I like that everyone is here at school. I like that I can play with my friends.  Playtime will be better.

Axella wrote: “I like it that everyone is back because I like to play with more people.  I missed my friends.  I like to be in a full class.”

T.G. wrote: “It’s easier to stay positive with lots of other people here.  You have more people to talk to and laugh with.  You have more people that support you.  You can support more people.”


My favourite things about everyone being back is that my classroom is filled with smiling, happy faces.

Mrs. T’s favourite thing is to see everyone back and working hard.

As you can see, everyone being back at school is a great thing!

Have a great weekend and see you next week.





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