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Hello Cromer Class,


Those of us who have been in school for the past few weeks, just wanted to say something to welcome everyone back.

“We are so excited to have you back.

I’m very exited for everyone to come back to school.

We will all be happier when everyone’s back.

The playground is very plain without the rest of the class.

We will all be better when the rest of the class is here.

We will all be nicer when the rest of the class joins us.

We will all try our hardest while working.

We will have more fun with the rest of Cromer here.

We will have more people to talk to when we are all together.”

Written and typed by T.G.


” I am pleased that everyone is coming back because there are more people to play with. I am happy that everyone is coming back because there will be more people to see. I am pleased that everyone is coming back because we don’t have to do live lessons. I am excited that everyone is coming back because the class will be happier.”

Written and typed by Harlee.

“I’m excited because everyone is coming back.  Playtime is going to be better with more people.  Everyone can play together.  The whole call can talk to each other and everyone can play together at playtime.”

Written by Zayd.

“I’m very happy about the rest of the class coming back to school.  I will miss the quiet but everyone will be happy and not lonely anymore.”

Written by AJ.


“I am excited to see my friends at school.  I am happy to get back to a normal classroom with everyone.  I am excited to see everyone at break time.  I am happy to be back to everyday school.”

Written by Charlie.


I can’t wait for all my friends to

come back to school. There’ll be more

fun playtimes as there will be more

people. I’m looking forward to know what

people have been doing during lockdown. The

thing that I’m looking forward to the

most is the empty classroom to be filled

with laughter.

Written and typed by Nicole.


I am so glad you all are all coming back and i am looking forward to seeing everyone. Playtime is not the same because there aren’t as much people to play with. The classroom feels empty and we need the joy from all of the class [plus I hate online]. it feels weird to only have 1/4 of the class and actually it doesn’t feel like a classroom at all. With the whole class here we will all try harder and we will try to be the best that we can.

Written and typed by Erica.

I’m so happy to see every one back say hi to everyone and my Bff Emily.  It’s very boring to play with less people and be in a small class with less people YAY IM SO HAPPY YAY OMG !

Written and typed by Axellla.

Playtimes are very dull when there isn’t anybody to play with.

Its more fun when there’s more people to hang out with’

W will e have more people to hang out with.

The class had joyful people filled in the seats and now they’re empty, nothing but a distant memory.

Written and typed by A.A.C.



Here are some photos of Isaac joining in our Live Lessons.  The sloth has done live lessons all week!


We also looked at numbers in different scripts at home and at school.  It was fun but challenging!


Here are some of our dragon drawings:


We can’t wait to see you on Monday!


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