Hunstanton Mon 1st March 2021

Good Morning  Super, Smart, Sleek, Sparkly, Scary, Sensible (Really?), Sprightly, Saucy,  Stupendous, Squirts,

I hope you all had a great weekend and that the sunshine brightened you up. It’s always nice to see the sun shining at the end of winter.


Bug Club: Oakley, Dolcie, Kane, Cayden, Sophie, Lilly, Ella and Harper.

EdCity: Ella, Harper, Kane, Nojus and Sophie.

It was also great to see so many of you online last week for our practise runs for the coming week.

In the learning below you will see that maths and English lessons will be online this week for everyone. The times are in the suggested timetable. The lessons are recorded so if you are unable to access the lesson at the time it goes out live you can do it later if that is more convenient.

Here is a link to a Teams Guide for Parents for anyone still experiencing difficulties logging in. I hope this helps:   Teams-Guide-for-Parents Greyfriars Academy

Learning for This Week.

Below are the lessons/activities for this week. Although we are not in school we must continue to work as near normally as possible.

Please make sure you work through the lessons and activities below so when we are together again we are all in the same place in our learning.

Bug Club and Power Maths can be accessed using your Active Learn logins. Activities on Education City are updated weekly which you can also access using the logins for that site.

As always, I can be contacted via the school office or on my email – . Don’t hesitate to email and let me know if you need anything to support your learning. I look forward to seeing your completed work.

This is a suggested timetable for your day:

8.40 – 8.55 – spelling/times table practise.

9.00 – 10.00 – Maths. Online lesson with Mr H.

10.00 – 10.20 – Have a break and a well-earned snack!

 10.20 – 10.40ish – Phonics/Spellings.

10.45 – 11.45 – English. Online lesson with Mr H.

11.45 – 12.00 – Reading and handwriting practise.

(Online lessons will be recorded so if you cannot access the live learning you can access the recording later.)



Each day work on one of our other subjects or/and spend some time on EdCity.

Remember – EdCity is NOT instead of the other lessons; it is just one part of the curriculum as a whole.


Maths: Online.

Power Maths – Unit 9 continued.

English: Online.

Fiction – Stories with familiar settings: Pandora’s Box.

These links will be useful.

Story Text:   Pandora’s Box.

Comprehension questions:   Comprehension Pandora

Alphabetical order:   Alphabetical Order


there/their/they’re,   here/hear,   quite/quiet,   see/sea,   bare/bear,   one/won,   sun/son,   to/too/two.


Carry on with Bug Club from wherever you have got to.

Use this link to access the handwriting sheets. Remember, if you can print them you can copy the work straight onto paper.   Letter-Families-and-CVC-Words-Handwriting-Activity-Sheet-Pack_ver_14

Foundation Subjects


Watch the animation about Christopher Columbus.  Afterwards, make a note of what you can remember. 

Watch it again. Make any additions to the notes previously made. 

Pop Task – Basic. 

Choose 2, 3 or facts depending on age and ability and write a short paragraph describing Ibn’s achievements. 


Extension: Can you find anything else out about Christopher Columbus?


Gravity/Air Resistance. 

How objects move through the air. 

Let paper fall through the air – crumpled and flat. 

Create a parachute from a plastic bag. 

Record the findings on a chart. 

 Follow the directions in this resources link:   Falling Paper


Healthy Hearts  Super Strength

If you can’t do the PE activities because of a lack of space etc at least go out for a walk/run or a bike ride with your adult.


This week you are going to design your own vehicle. 

Discuss with your adult and make a list of the resources you will need to make your vehicle. 

Look at the ppt. KS1 Wheels and Axles

Now have a go at designing your own vehicle using the design sheet:   KS1 Design a Vehicle


“Let Love Shine” is the next song presented by Big Sing. The link is below:



Remember, your learning is your responsibility – work hard and don’t give up!

“I can and I will!” said the Little Red Train as it puffed up the hill.

Enjoy your week and remember to try your best.

Mr H.



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