Blakeney’s Week Ahead Monday 1st March

Blakeney’s Week Ahead Monday 1st March 2021

Important Changes to Remote Learning this week

What will remote learning look like this week? This week, we will move remote learning over to the Teams platform entirely. This means that there will be maths and English live lessons every day and there will be assignments set for all subjects. Work must be submitted to me via the Teams Assignments page. Feedback and communication between teacher and child then becomes more efficient.

Children have been sent their Microsoft 365 emails to access Teams.  You have also been sent instructions for how to access Teams from different devices. Please check your emails/spam folders if you have not seen this yet. Live lessons are accessed by going to the Post feed and clicking on the link for the relevant lesson.  For now, the blog should be followed in the usual way.

General Notes on Remote Learning

Keep in touch and please do contact me for support if you find anything unclear, confusing or difficult. I am just on the end of the phone or I can email a reply if you prefer. My contact email is: [email protected]


Power Maths Link: You can now login to Power Maths yourself directly from the website. That means you can obtain the text book and the practice book by going to this web address:  www.activelearnprimary.co.uk/login?c=0

Fractions problems? I am aware that fractions has been very difficult for some children. If that sounds like you, I would like you to spend this week following fractions lessons on Oak Academy instead of your Power Maths books.

Which level should I choose?

Choose Year 3 to rebuild your confidence and develop a solid understanding of what a fraction is and how we use them. It does not mean you are working at Y3 level in maths. It just gives you a reminder about things you might have forgotten.


Choose Year 4 if you feel you are almost getting it but Year 5 work has been too hard for you and you’ve been getting a lot wrong.


Morning lessons for this week:


8.45 – 9.00 Tackling Tables (online learning)

9 – 10 Power Maths Live Lesson and independent work (see Teams Assignments)

Break – snack

10:15 – 10:45 Reading Comprehension lesson (see Teams Assignments)

10.45 – 11.45 – English Live Lesson and independent work (see Teams Assignments)

11.45 – 12.00 – Spelling Spring 2 Week 2 (see Teams Assignments)


Afternoon lesson/s: Choose 1 or 2 of the afternoon subjects at the bottom of the blog.

Afternoon Subject Choices

Lessons in History, Science, PE, DT, RE, PSHE and French have been set on Teams Assignments page. All should be completed by the end of the week and submitted to me on Teams for checking by Friday.

Computing: This term, you will continue to increase your touch typing speed until you are really confident about where all the different keys are and can type without looking! Just go to this link: https://www.typingclub.com/

PE: Choose from a wide variety of games all available as one package on Teams Assignments. 




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