Cromer Bubble’s Friday Blog, 12th February, 2021

On Monday morning we woke up to snow! I took some photos before anyone else came in.

Views from our classroom:

The playground:


T.G. and A.A.C.’s snowman:

We had more snow overnight:

No footsteps yet…


The destruction of the snowman:





There was more snow overnight on Tuesday.  I thought when I got to school on Wednesday I would be the first to tread on it but the muntjac beat me to it!  However, I was the first human footprint.

Here are some photos of the snow this Wednesday Morning:

Danny and his sister had some fun in the snow:

I love the snowmen.

Here we are having a great time at playtime:



Thursday before the sunrise:


Brayden sent a photo of himself playing in the snow:

We’ve worked hard this week.  However, we were really excited about the snow.  Did you have fun in the snow?

We are still working on algebra in class. T.G. said that algebra was like baking a cake.  I asked her to explain and she said, “because for a cake you need a rule (ingredients) and you also need formula (directions). ”  I totally agree that is a really good way to describe algebra.

In literacy we did some boxing up and made a persuasive text toolbox:

Here is our toolbox for writing a persuasive text:

The following people did well in swimming: Andreea, Axella, A.A.C. and Zayd.

The following people did really well in his/her spelling Harlee, A.A.C., AJ, Erica, Axella, Charlie and Nicole.

Have a great half-term.


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