Blakeney’s End of Term Celebration

Wow Blakeney! There is so much to celebrate at the end of this term. I can honestly say that I have been truly impressed to witness the effort and dedication that has gone into your learning this term. Both at home and in school, the work I’ve seen you produce shows how incredibly resilient you are when faced with difficult circumstances. You have adapted so well to the changing ways in which you’ve had to learn this term – well, this whole school year actually! It’s time to celebrate everything you’ve achieved and the progress you’ve continued to make.

In-School Learners

First, I’d like to say how amazed I was at he quality of work being done at school by children of key workers. I loved reading your stories and was very proud to see how carefully you wrote them too! You’re getting superb support from Ms Shelbourne and she has been in touch to keep me informed of your progress. Well done to all of you. However, two children deserve a special mention – Tyler and Thomas – because writing is not your favourite subject but you’ve clearly shown in your stories that you are doing brilliantly!

Take a look at our In-School Learner’s time-slip narratives:



























Remote Learners

These are some of the highlights from the last week of home-learning:

Bethany and Karolis are really showing what they’re made of! They’ve learned how to manage their time and work to a deadline by following the timetable on the blog and sending their lovely work in daily for me to look at. Well done you two!











Alfie got a day ahead in his learning so that he could go out and enjoy the snow – now that’s what I call good time management!











AnaMaria has really got the hang of home learning and has been keeping up with her lessons on the blog. Her work is so neat and shows commitment:











Andreas has also been working hard



Andrew sends outstanding work every day of the week; he always goes above and beyond in his drive to stretch his learning. I’m so proud of you Andrew:

Andrews Discursive Phrases

Scan_20210208 (2) Scan_20210208 (3) Scan_20210208 (4) Scan_20210208 (5) Scan_20210208



Joseph sent fabulous work in to me this week showing the care and effort that he was putting into his progress. Well done you!

boxing up reading

should grass roots football restart









The quality of Rhys’ work leaves me speechless every week. Just brilliant!!





















Well that’s it for this term folks! I hope it snows for you all over the holidays and you have a lot of fun. BUT remember to stay safe! And as a little parting gift, watch this gorgeous video my mum sent me!

I look forward to seeing you all next term.

love from Ms Black xx


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