Hunstanton Fri 5th Feb 2021

Good Morning My Super, Smart, Sparkly, Stupendous, Squirts,

This has been a marvellous week for learning.  From talking to your parents by phone or email I know many of you have  struggled with some of your learning, particularly Hot and Cold Tasks. However, I also know how hard you have worked to overcome the difficulties and complete the work.

“I can and I will,” said the Little Red Train as it puffed up the hill.

Absolutely brilliant, is how I would describe the efforts of those who tried so hard with something they found so difficult.

Those of you who haven’t sent me Hot and/or Cold Tasks yet from last week and this week, have a read of the ones I’ve included to remind you of how they are done and then send me yours.

Once again, a big WELL DONE to all the adults and other family members who have done so much work this week to support the learning of the children in Hunstanton Class.

Normally I choose only one photo from each child but Harper needed 3 photos to capture the whole of her Hot Task. Well done Harper it was an excellent piece of work.

Harper HT1.

Harper HT3.


Harper HT2.


Aryan’s Hot Task. Well done!

Ella’s Cold Task. How will she improve on this when it comes to the Hot Task?


Freddie developing his science work on electricity. The extra mile.

Cayden’s maths work. Well done!

Daniil’s spellings. Much better handwriting. Well done!


Dolcie’s Cold Task. A well written recount!

Mylah’s Hot Task. Very well written!

Kane’s Hot Task. I just love stories about dragons.


Hattie working at Power Maths. You look so studious. Ah, another word beginning with S.

Nojus’ Hot Task. Really good description!

Some of Oskar’s work from this week. You are doing so well.


Oakley’s Cold Task. I loved the wild cows!

Sofija’s Hot Task. You did it didn’t you. Well done!

Zainab sorting out her tenses. All correct. Well done!

One of Logan’s secret projects. Does anybody have any ideas as to what it might be? Email me your suggestions.

Lilly’s End of Unit Assessment. Well done, Lilly!





I hope you all have a great weekend.

Mr H.

PS: Did anyone do the Big Garden Birdwatch last weekend? If you did let me know how you got on and I’ll let you know how I got on.


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