Cromer Bubble’s Friday Blog, 5th February, 2021

Hello Cromer Bubble,

It’s February at last! I know it’s still winter but the days are starting to get longer and flowers are starting to grow.  I’ve got snowdrops in my garden, have you seen any snowdrops yet?

We’ve been busy in Cromer Bubble.  We started new units in Power Maths in Years 5 and 6.  How are you getting on with your new unit?  Please let me know.  I love to see photos of your work.


We started algebra this week.  For no fault of its own, algebra has a really bad reputation.  It really isn’t that bad.  Take a look at what some of us had to say about algebra:

‘Algebra isn’t as hard as I thought, it’s basically just symbols’ AAC

Algebra looks hard but it actually isn’t’ by Erica.

‘I thought algebra was hard but it’s actually pretty easy.’ by Harlee.

Reuben says that he loves it! (Me too).


Here is some of our artwork from last Friday when we were designing outfits:

Emily has sent loads of work in. Take a look at her artwork from last Friday:

I love it! I would definitely wear it.

We also started a new unit in literacy, ‘Should Daleks be Allowed to live on Earth’.  How are you getting on with the unit?  We’d love to see your story maps.  Take a look at ours:

In science this week we looked at the circulatory system.  Andreea wrote a lovely piece:


For topic this week we looked at animals you would find in the Arctic and the affects of global warming.   Brayden sent in a lovely piece of work:

Brayden, Preston and Emily have been working hard on their times tables:

In R.E. you looked ‘The Good Samaritan’ and making your own code for living.  What did you come up with for you own code of living?

Here is Nicole’s work on ‘The Good Samaritan’:


We did our spelling test and everyone did really well.  Congratulations to: Nicole, A.A.C, Axella, Erica, AJ, Charlie, T.G., Harlee and Andreea.

Have a great weekend.


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