Heacham afternoon work

Good afternoon!  This is a touch late going up as I’ve had computer problems, but it’s ok, it’s all sorted now, so let’s get on!

We’re finishing off the YogaQuest this week as we head to Party Town with Jamie.  The first one is Calypso the flamingo – she’s having a birthday party!


This week the story has Little Red Riding Hood heading into the woods. However, she must remember to stay on the path!

Little Red Riding Hood. 4: Stay on the path – BBC Teach


How did you get on with your Fire of London collage last week?  What else could you make a collage of? Have a try and send me a picture!



Terrific Scientific – Light – BBC Teach

This page has a really good video, as well as an investigation that you could try if you have time.


Can you try making hand shadows with the posters to help you? Can you make the shadow larger? Or smaller?

When do we see shadows around us?



This week we are starting our creation stories.  Have a look at the pictures on this one, and ask an adult to help you with the words.


This is the Christian creation story, and we will be looking at other creation beliefs over the next few weeks.


I hope you enjoy all these exciting things to do in the afternoons!


Take care,


Miss Cook


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