Cromer Bubble’s Friday Blog, 29th January, 2021

Hello Cromer Bubble,

I can’t believe that January is nearly over! Let’s hope February will bring some better weather and better news.  I’ve got a small bunch of snowdrops in my garden and they are making me wish spring was here.  Are you looking forward to spring?  What do you like most about spring?  I like the fact that the days are getting longer and the weather gets warmer.

Preston has been at school for part of the week and stays at home part of the week.  Here is some work that he has sent in:

He also practised his times tables and timed himself:


Preston has also been working really hard.  Take a look at what he has sent in:


In science we were compared the human and animal anatomies, we looked at the differences and similarities between humans and other animals.   We also learnt about vertebrates and invertebrates, animals who use lungs and gills to breathe and finally we compared brains of animals. Take a look at our work:


Here is some work from Emily:

What a beautiful piece of artwork:

Here’s some work from Brayden:

These people did really well on the spelling test: A.A.C., Harlee, Andreea’s, Isaac, T.G., Reuben, AJ, Erika, Axella and Nicole.  How did you do?

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