Snettisham and Heacham mornings 25/1/21

Good morning! I’ve got a fresh mug of tea, so let’s look a the week ahead.


0840-0900 – register and reading

Reception – your book is ‘Chick Gets Lost’, and Year 1, your guided reading book is “Spot the Shape”.

0900-0940 – phonics and spelling

0940-1000 – Literacy

1040-1140 – maths

1200 lunch


Register and reading

phonics and guided reading

Reception, you are moving onto long vowel phonemes today.  The first one is /ai/.

Year 1, we are looking at alternative spellings for the hard /k/ phoneme.

Today it’s /c/.





Hurrah! The Power Maths books have arrived in school!  If you have a home pack, yours has been collected with the home pack.  If you don’t have a home pack because you have access to the internet, but you would like your Power Maths book, let me know at the usual address, and I’ll leave it in the office for you to collect.  They will need to come back to school at the end of this crazy time, so make sure you keep them safe!

Reception,  you only have to write in your powermaths books on a Friday, because Reception maths should be a practical thing.

Year 1, you get to write in yours every day! Aren’t you the luckiest? Please do send pictures of the completed pages, or, hopefully, we’ll be able to talk about them soon on Teams, which will be exciting for all of us.




Reception – you are on comparing quantities.  Which is more? Which is fewer?  We can do this with anything and we di it all the time. In my house it’s usually people wanting to know who has the most roast potatoes! This is a really practical week, so today, just have a try with using something around you, and I’ll try and post a video to show you what I mean.


Year 1

You are adding by counting on.   This means you start from the largest number, and count on the smallest number.  Here’s an Oak Academy lesson to show you what I mean.

Lesson: Combining sets (count on) | Teacher Hub | Oak National Academy (thenational.academy)

PowerMaths Unit 7 lesson 1, and then pages 6,7, 8 in your practice book.


This week I’ve put reception and year 1 work into the powerpoints.  This is a hot task week so when we get to Wednesday I do need to see your work!  This is also our last week on Little Red Riding Hood (although it’ll still be your music for a while)

25012021 Monday


Register and reading

phonics and guided reading

Reception, the next long vowel phoneme is /ee/.

Year 1, you are on /k/ as a way of writing /k/


Reception, look out of your window.  Count what goes past.  Are there more people, or more cars? More red cars, or more silver cars, or more of a different colour? Are there more birds, or more aeroplanes?  Can you see more trees, or more houses?  Can you ask your own questions to your adult?

Year 1 – https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/to-add-by-counting-on-using-a-number-line-ccukct

PowerMaths Unit 7 lesson 2, and then pages 9, 10,11 in your practice book.




Register and reading

phonics and guided reading

Reception, the next long vowel phoneme is /igh/. This is a trigraph – three letters that come together to make one sound.

Year 1, today you’re on /ck/ as a way to write the /k/ sound.



Reception – what happens when things we want to investigate are all jumbled up?  What can we do?  If you have counters, buttons, or blocks, put a pile on the table.  Can you see how you could sort them? Can you see which is more?  What could you do to make it easier?

Year 1 – https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/to-add-a-1-digit-number-to-a-teens-number-using-a-known-fact-69gkat

PowerMaths Unit 7 lesson 2, and then pages 12,13,14 in your practice book.



270121 Wednesday


Register and reading

phonics and guided reading

Reception, the next long vowel phoneme is /oa/.

Year 1, today is the /ch/ grapheme for the /k/ phoneme.


Reception – get your pile of blocks or buttons or counters or whatever you were using.  How can you sort them? Can you line them up to see which line has more?

Year 1 – https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/to-use-the-make-ten-strategy-to-add-two-1-digit-numbers-part-1-70r62e

PowerMaths Unit 7 lesson 4, and then pages 15,16,17 in your practice book.


280121 Thursday


Register and reading

phonics and guided reading

Reception, the next long vowel phoneme is /oo/.  This has a long and short sound.  Today, we are learning the long sound.  Have a look at the example words.

Year 1, have a look at the words from this week – how many more can you find?


Reception – play a game with your adults.  Can they draw something? Can you  draw more of them?  Or can you go first?

Year 1 –  https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/to-use-the-make-ten-strategy-to-add-two-1-digit-numbers-part-2-60rk4t

PowerMaths Unit 7 lesson 5, and then pages 18,19,20 in your practice book.


290121 Friday




Don’t forget, you have EducationCity and BugClub work to log into as well.

Any problems, let me know [email protected]

I’m off to make another mug of tea and get on with making sure that afternoon work is ready to go.

Take care (and wash your hands!)


Miss Cook


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