Well done Winterton Friday blog 22nd Jan 2021

Well done to everyone that has sent their work in this week:

Theo, Evelyn, Leon, Kimberley, Amber,  Grace, Isla, Evie, Klevi, Brodie, Emilijus, Kenzie, Arminas, Joanna and Nikola. Some of these people (Theo, Joanna, Brodie and Evelyn) have sent every single piece for every day! Some of you have sent in a lot of work, if not every piece. Don’t worry if you can’t send in every piece as I know some of you cannot download your work very well, some people have had problems sending it to me; and some of you simply can’t get it all done – I do realise there is a lot to do every day!

I do ask that everyone send in at least their maths and literacy every day. I will be chasing people who are not doing this.

Here are some images that Theo has sent in of him carrying out some exciting experiments:

Here is a weather mobile that Evelyn made at home:

It is hanging in the entrance to the classroom.

Lots of people have sent in images of their reading comprehensions this week. Here are some of them:

I have also has Power Maths in this week:

Here is a variety of all the work that has been sent in this week:


Here is Brodie’s obstacle course for PE this week:

If you send me work that you would like to appear in the blog next Friday, then let me know when you send it in and I will see how many I can include!

Thank you to everyone who reads the blog and makes their best efforts to do their work. If you do not keep up, you will then fall behind and not be in the right place in your learning when we all return to class. Also High School is very close – we’ve had nearly half your final year at Greyfriars – and you need to have been learning.

I will be calling you all again next week, so listen out for the phone to ring!

Have a good weekend


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