Snettisham and Heacham Hurrahs

This week is full of good work and good news!

It’s the kind of week that makes me glad to be teaching (but still a bit sad that I don’t get to see you all properly)




Good work from :

FreddieH, who has worked hard on his writing this week.  Well done Freddie.


Heitor has worked hard on writing his numbers and is getting a lot better.  Well done Heitor!


Shaya has sent lots of work this week, and apparently would be scared of a wolf but would also be brave.  I think if I was the wolf, I’d be a bit scared of Shaya with her brave attitude!


Eddie has made the most of the sunshine and got outside.  It’s really important to play hard as well as work hard, because it’s really good for your brains and what we call ‘mental health’.  Gorgeous pictures Eddie!  He came back in and worked hard after that.

Elouise has sent in a lot of work this week, really focusing on her handwriting and phonics.  Well done Elouise.  I can see you are trying really hard.


In all of these cases, and the people I’ve spoken to on the phone, it’s a big well done to parents and big sisters and brothers as well as to the children.  I think we need some kind of #team name because we are absolutely all working together.  Email me with your ideas, and I’ll have a think as well.




Usually we would have the EducationCity news here.  However, Y1, I’m really sorry, but apparently I missed a step in the set up, and didn’t actually assign any students to the work!  I could blame it on lots of things, but really, it’s just a mistake.  I’ve put it on now for you, I’ll leave this one up for this week as well, so you’ll have two folders, so if you want to have a look at both lots, that’s fine, if you only have time to do the new lot, that’s also fine.

Reception – These children did brilliantly at EdCity (because they had work to actually do!)  Rounds of applause to Shaya, Callum-James, and EdwardP, with honourable mentions to Maxim, Cassius, Jessica, Freddie, Levi-Boy and Melis.

In our BugClub learning, there has been some amazing reading going on.  Well done to EdwardP, FreddieH, Corrine, Ava, Ewa, Belle, Iris, Harriet,and Heitor from Heacham, and Olliver, FreddieB, Maxim, Cassius and Shaya from Snettisham.  Brilliant work my lovelies.



This week we’ve had some birthdays as well!

Happy Birthday Ava!  She was 6 on Tuesday, and her sister says that they worked extra hard the rest of the week so that they didn’t have to do any work on her birthday.  Good planning Ava and Shannon.


Someone else was celebrating on Tuesday too, in my house!

Dexter-puppy was 1 year old.  I should probably stop calling him a puppy now.

And finally,  some lovely, lovely news.

Freddie has become a big brother again, to a beautiful little sister.  Lots of love, hugs and good wishes from us to the whole family. Doesn’t he look happy to meet her?


And on that fabulous note, I’m off to make tea. (Send me more good news as well as your work! I LOVE good news!)


Take care (and wash your hands)


Miss Cook


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