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Congratulations on other great week of remote learning Blakeney. You should be truly proud of yourselves. This week, the shouts are going to Joseph, Andreas, Alfie, Rhys, David and Andrew for sending in some terrific work. Take a look at what children have achieved in Maths, English, Reading Comprehension, Spelling, Topic, Science and Art!


Alfie: Excellent spellings! Alfei you are obviously making a great effort and it’s paying off. Just be careful with ‘craftsmanship’ which has a sneak ‘s’ after ‘craft’. Excellent work in English on suspense writing – great imagery used and onomatopoeia. Good answers to questions. Wonderful to see  you keeping up with the morning work daily Alfie. Maths, English and Reading Comprehension work is really important for you. Well done!

Take a look at some of Alfie’s work here:









Joseph, well done for persevering with the English. This week, you wrote some great sentences that created suspense; the use of ellipsis, the use of words like ‘it’ and ‘something’ . You also understand the onomatopoeia as your word choices were effective. I can see you’re taking more care with handwriting too!


Rhys –you have shown outstanding dedication to learning for another week! Your maths is clear and accurate, with corrections made. You’ve understand the concept of suspense in English and have provided lots of examples of your own work on both a word level and sentence level. It’s great! Topic work is brilliant – love the diagram. Not only is it lovely to look at but it’s very informative too. Spelling and reading comprehension are also showing ongoing progress through effort and attention to detail. Keep up the great work – you’re setting an excellent example for us all!

Some examples of his work are here:














Andreas: great to see your work coming in. I’m very impressed with the detailed diagram your did for Topic – it shows a lot of thought. Your response to the question about bad greenhouse gases shows excellent understanding too. Maths is a high standard.

Andrew: you continue to work with an enormous degree of respect for your learning and determination to succeed. In English: Excellent discussion work around suspense writing and you have shown an excellent grasp of the techniques used for writing suspense. In Maths, your ongoing progression is evident with work checked and corrected to ensure progress. You’ve done a superb job of reading comprehension work and submitted some outstanding work for Topic; the diagram was clearly and attractively presented but also informative. In Science: Very impressive understanding of the digestive system and how it works. The explanations were both concise and appropriately detailed. See some of his work by clicking on the links below:

Scan_20210119 (3) Scan_20210119 (4) Scan_20210119 (5) Scan_20210119 (6) Scan_20210119 (7) Scan_20210119 (8) Scan_20210119 (9) Scan_20210119 (10) Scan_20210120 (4) Scan_20210120 (5) Scan_20210120 (6) Scan_20210120


David- thank you for sending in your work. Wow! What an amazing job you’re doing with remote learning. You’re really keeping on top of the English and Maths. The art work is wonderful! So glad you sent it in. The cyclones really look as if they’re moving and coming out of the page! You are also getting to grips with relative clauses. Great job David!!



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