Brancaster the Brilliant!

Hello Brancaster – it’s Friday! Another week gone, which means another week’s worth of celebrations! As always, I am so proud of what many of you have achieved particularly with some of your stories. If you still haven’t sent me stories or any other pieces of work, please send it to my email: [email protected]

Here is a look at what has been going on in Brancaster bubble as well as in your own bubbles at home:

We have been exremely busy in Brancaster this week. We have been writing our innovated class story ‘Zak and the Haunted Ghost’ and we worked together as a team to write this together. Have a read of some of our ideas and our final outcome:

Zak and the Haunting Ghosts

We have also been designing our dragon’s eyes ready to create next week using clay. We have thought carefully about our design and how we can make our eyes three-dimensional and realistic! Have a look at them:

At home, George has been extremely busy with his learning and wrote a lovely story about ‘Archie and the Swamp Monster’:

Freya has beeing focusing a lot on her English work this week:

Ruby has been busy as well with her English and her Science too:

Borislav has focussed on his spellings and gone up two levels on Tackling Tables!

Alex has done his work on the computer this week:

Alex Week 3 Bill’s New Frock Chapter 3

Alex Week 3 Bill’s New Frock Chapter 4

Alex Week 3 Grammar Be the Teacher

Thomas has been working hard at home:

Ollie has been extremely busy this week:

Like last week, Hallie has been working hard:

Rylee has been extremely busy with his maths and his story:

Aris has been busy with his maths work and English too:

And last, but by no means least is Nichita who has also worked extremely hard this week:

Education City

I am impressed how keen you all are in completing your Education City tasks. Here is a list of those children who completed them all – well done!

Tackling Tables

A lot of you have been on Tackling Tables, which I am impressed with! My Tackling Tables star this week has to be Borislav for going up two levels! Well done Borislav!

Over and Above

Last, but definitely not least, I have some children who have gone over and above this week. As we are unable to have an assembly to celebrate this, I am going to give these children an ‘Over and Above’ certificate for their learning this week. I will email your parents your certificate if you are working at home so they can print them off for you.

The children who will receive a certificate this week are:

Sonny – for focussing and contributing well in his maths lessons

Teja – for sharing some beautiful ideas in English

Thomas – for working extremely hard at home

Freya – for persevering with her learning, even if it is difficult at times

Nichita – for working extremely hard at home


Ruby – for working extremely hard and focussing on the details in her learning


Again, well done to every single one of you for  working so hard this week! Also, another big thank you to parents too – we appreciate the work you’re putting in to make this all happen!  We hope you all have a lovely and restful weekend – see you next week!

Miss Sayer and the Brancaster team



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