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Hello, and welcome to the afternoon post.

Everything that you need that isn’t numeracy and literacy is here.  (The  numeracy and literacy work is here)

You  may find that some weeks you like this page better – that’s ok.  You may find you’re not getting everything done on this page – that’s also ok!  You might not get anything written or drawn for this page, you might just talk about it with your adult – and guess what? That’s also ok!

We can only do what we can do.  If you’re finding it too much, just let me know, and it will be ok.

So, what’s coming up this week?


We are continuing with Yoga Quest and progressing into Desert Gorge.  I’ve noticed that some of the later videos have been moved, but I’m looking into that and I will try and ensure that we can finish the quest.

All the videos you will need are here:

Cosmic Kids YOGA QUEST | How to Take Part! 👋 – YouTube

Try and do 1 every school day.


This week we hear from the wolf.  I wonder what you will think of his song?

Little Red Riding Hood. 2: Wolfie blues – BBC Teach


Last week you copied the picture that you liked, using crayons, felt tips, pencil crayons and so on.  This week I’d like you so see if you can use other things.

Have a look at Emma in this video.

Art and Design KS1 / KS2: Creating a collage landscape – BBC Teach

She’s talking about a journey, and you could think about escaping from the fire as a journey with the fire at one side of your paper and the safety of the countryside on the other side.

This week, you are going to plan what you need and start getting it together, ready to make it next week.  I thought if I gave you a week then you’d have time to collect and save the bits you need over the week from packages and magazines and so on.


Having looked at the seasons of Winter (and we’ll look at the seasons again when it changes) we are moving onto the fastest thing in the universe….

What do you think the fastest thing in the universe is?

Not a cheetah.

Not a car.

Not a space rocket.



Where does light come from?  Can you make a list?  If you get stuck, have a look here and watch the video at the start.


When you’ve made your list, have a think about which ones are natural, and which ones are made by people.

On the farm this week, Chris was going to do us a video of the winter things that go on, but they’ve been too busy lambing – and you can’t ask a lamb to wait to be born! Here are some of his winter pictures.

Here are his pigs!  Well done to anyone who said they  thought he had pigs.

Here are his newest lambs.


This is where Lindsay sleeps during lambing.


And here are some sheep asking why he’s taking photographs of them eating their breakfast!


This week we are looking at old and new transport, and deciding which things are old, and which things are new.  Have a look at these (you don’t need to print them out if you don’t need to, we’ll only use them for this lesson)


Which ones do you think are old?

Which ones do you think are new?

Choose two that go together.

How do you think the new ones are different to the old ones?  How does that make a difference to people’s lives?



In R.E. this week we were going to have stories of how people think the world was made, but I thought we’d spend longer thinking about what we think first, so we are looking at the beautiful world around us.  Did it happen by accident? Was it created with a plan?  Have a look at these pictures and tell me what you think!

R.E. 180121


Have a lovely week, get done what you can, and if you are struggling in any way, let me know on an email and I can give you a call to sort it out.  I’m really impressed with how hard people are working (mums, dads, big brothers and sisters, I’m looking at you!), but it isn’t easy, and it’s ok to say “We can’t get it all done.”


Take care, and keep in touch,


Miss Cook


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