Snettisham and Heacham Hurrahs!

Well hello my  lovelies, and haven’t you done well this week!

There is a lot of work to show, and we are now at the point where we can’t show all of the work for everyone, but I’ll make sure that anyone who has sent me work gets something on there – if I miss you, send me an email and I’ll make sure for next week, because I’m still working out how something works on this computer, and I think I’ve managed it, but we’ll see.

Ava has had lots of support from Shannon this week.

Ava Thrower Art Ava Thrower Literacy

Eddie has been working hard on the tablet for Power Maths, and then drawing for the Fire of London.  Lovely work Eddie!

Freya has drawn the Great Fire of London, and drawn a story map for Little Red Riding Hood.  She’s thought about the characters and found words to describe them.  I can see that her writing is really improving as well.



Heitor did some maths work, and with the help of his mum, he drew and coloured his version of the Great Fire of London.  Great work Heitor!

Shaya did some great work, and even baked some things to go in Grandma’s basket.  That’s an excellent plan Shaya!


Freddie answered the questions about the Great Fire of London:-

What is the same about these pictures?

All the fire of London


What is different?

They don’t have the same colours


Which one do you prefer?

Number 3



It looks really cool


Choose one of the pictures and think of 5 describing words for it.

Fire, walls, house, people and smoke


What about the colours?

Red, yellow and grey


Where is the picture light and dark?

The sky is dark and the fire is light


Freddie also did a great picture, but I can’t get it off of the email at the moment – Freddie, I’m working on it!


Lastly, Harriet was 6 this week! Happy birthday Harriet!


Well, you’ve all been busy, and my BugClub and EdCity list is long!

For BugClub (Snettisham) Olliver has read 13 books!  Huge well done to him because he only got his login this week.  Well done to Eddie, Maxim, Shaya, FreddieB for reading this week as well.

For BugClub (Heacham) – Kevinas is rocking  it with 11 books!  Honourable mentions go to Corrine, Heitor, Fred, Abulfazl, Belle, Ava, Harriet, Iris, Freya, Freddie and Ewa.

For EdCity (Snettisham) Shaya and Rihards finished everything, and Olliver, FreddieB, Eddie, Maxim, Levi and Isabella all got themselves started.  You tried really hard, and I’m proud of you.

For EdCity (Heacham) Well done to Harriet, Ava, Ewa, Corrine and Ethan for completing everything that there was to do, and honourable mentions to Kevinas, Freddie, EdwardP, Jessica, Iris and Abufazl  for getting started.  Great work my lovelies.

And that’s our Celebration and Hurrah blog.



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