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Friday Celebration!

Well done for getting to Friday Blakeney. You are able to look back on this week and feel proud of yourselves for trying your best and keeping up with your learning despite the difficult circumstances.

This Friday I’d like to mention a number of children who deserve special recognition:

Andrew and Joseph

Firstly, Andrew and Joseph who are sending daily/regular updates on their learning and showing an incredible dedication to their learning. Take a look at some of their work here:

Andrew: Monday 1 Monday 2 Monday 3 Monday 4 Monday 5 Monday 6 Monday 7 Monday 8 Monday 9

Joseph: Tell Me Squares










Alexandra deserves a mention for starting to send her work in to me for feedback. Well done! Now continue sending Maths and English and anything else you do!


I’m truly impressed with Alfie and what he has achieved over the last two weeks. I’m in regular contact with mum who sends his work in for me to give feedback. Apparently, he’s been very pleased with his feedback and I have to say that, alhough he struggled to get his head around remote learning in the beginning, he has persevered with being more independent which is great.  Mum says they’ve also restructured the day so he’s starting earlier when she is able to support him and then working with his dad on his maths in the evening. Mum tells me that he’s missing the teaching at school so it’s taking a little longer to work through but he’s working hard.  I have to agree – not only is he working hard but he’s making enormous progress in Maths and English. Well done you!























Perseverance is really important, isn’t it? Remote learning is going to be challenging at times but it’s so good to see that many of you are sticking at it and doing your best. Not only that but you’re achieving great things at home!


I must share with you that Rhys brought tears to my eyes today! Happy tears not sad ones! I’m so glad I got to see his work this week. He’s doing so well! The standard of handwriting and spelling alone have impressed me. He’s really giving a lot of thought to accuracy in his writing, presentation and learning in general.  The Topic work is outstanding. Take a look for yourself:



















Mum tells me that Rhys has been so busy with all his work this week and has been doing really well. His handwriting is improving, he’s paying closer attention to the questions and he’s been getting higher scores on his tackling tables. Rhys has been very busy doing the English and the maths, as well as art, lexia, tackling tables, topic and PE (for which he’s been using his Switch). Very proud of you Rhys! Keep going!


Some impressive work coming from David too this week with beautifully presented English and Maths word, plus some super art work. Take a look for yourselves:








General notes:

Maths : Just make sure that you check and tick your answers before sending them in to me – just like we do in class. Put aside 10 minutes to do corrections.

English: Always try to take care with handwriting, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Structuring your day: Try to follow the daily plan of work that I’ve put on the website so that you keep up with the learning for this year. But if it works better for you to move things around a bit – that’s fine as long as you do what you can!

I hope you are well. If you have any problems, please do contact me and try to bring tears to my eyes!

Ms Black




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