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So this is the afternoons post.

Or the “Things that are not literacy and numeracy” post.  (That post is here)

Or the “I’m bored, what is there to do?” post.

Are you ready?

Let’s go!


We are starting Yoga Quest this week, from Cosmic Kids Yoga.  You can download the map and follow along, ticking off where you’ve been, and then there is a certificate for you to download at the end.  This week we are in Shark Bay.  In school, we’ll be doing a new place every week, because we’ll do a Yoga session every day instead of outside play whilst it is so cold.

The information and printable maps are here:

Yoga Quest! (cosmickids.com)

This is the big map that covers everywhere…

And this is the map of Shark’s Bay, where we start our Yoga Quest.

All the videos you will need are here:

Cosmic Kids YOGA QUEST | How to Take Part! 👋 – YouTube

Try and do 1 every school day.


You will really enjoy this!  Over the next 7 weeks we will look at each section of the story and learn a song to go with it.  This week, we will look at the first part of the story – how is it different to your literacy story?

Little Red Riding Hood. 1: I love red! – BBC Teach

This is Sarah-Jayne, and she’s here to teach you the song.  She does all the singing to model the tune for you.  Afterwards, scroll down to find the music to listen to, and see what you think of it.  I like it, but as we always say in our class, it’s ok to like something different. This music is part of  Cinderella’s Waltz from the Cinderella Suite, by Sergei Prokofiev (1946).  Let me know what you think.


This term we are going to be making collages.  We are going to start by looking at a picture and copying it as best we can, looking for all the little things that we can do to make our picture look like their picture.  Last term we were learning about the Great Fire of London, which happened in September 1666.

Here are some pictures that people painted of the fire.

What is the same about these pictures?

What is different?

Which one do you prefer?


Choose one of the pictures and think of 5 words to describe it.

Now think about the shapes that you can see in that picture.  What about the colours? Where is the picture light?  Where is it dark?

What are the most important things in that picture?

Have a try at copying the picture.  Email me your results and we’ll have  a look at then in a special blog gallery post!


It is a new season.

Can you remember what the word season means?

Let’s ask Seymour Science for help with this!

What are the seasons? – BBC Bitesize

What season are we in?

What is the weather like in this season?

What birds and animals might we see?

Look out of your window, or go outside in the garden if you can.  How do you know it is winter?

Next week we are going to be looking at winter on my cousin’s farm in Wiltshire.  What do you think we might see?

This is Chris with one of his favourite sheep! She is also one of his oldest, because she’s nearly 11 – so she’s older than you.

These are some of his youngest sheep with Lindsay.  These triplet lambs were born on Saturday (but this is Sunday when I am writing this, so there will be more born by now!)   Lindsay sleeps in the barn at this time of year so that she is there to help with the lambs.  How do you think she stays warm?

If you’ve got any questions for Chris and Lindsay about farming, let me know.  Chris loves talking about farming, and turkeys, and he even goes on the radio to talk about it.  We’ll talk about his other favourite farm things another time.  Chris has a brother called Andy, and he has a farm, but he doesn’t have sheep or turkeys.  What do you think Andy has on his farm?


Our topic is Inventors and Inventions.

This week, I’d like you to think about something that you use regularly, and think about what life would be like if it didn’t exist.

For example, one of my favourite inventions is the kettle.  My kettle boils the water for me to have hot cups of tea.  If I didn’t have a kettle because they’d never been invented, I’d have no cups of tea, and that would be a disaster!

Another one of my favourites is welly boots.  I do a lot of walking with DexterDog, and I love my wellies. (I had a new pair for Christmas with a fleecy lining!)  If I didn’t have wellies to wear to walk the dog, how would my life be different?  In the summer it would be ok, but what about the winter?

What else do I like? Reading.  I love to read.  But what about if books had never been invented? What about if writing had never been invented?  How would we tell people things that we wanted them to know?

Have a think about what your favourite inventions are, ask the adults in your house, or maybe phone a relative that you can’t go and see at the moment and see what they say.  If they are old, they might remember life before something was invented! (I remember life before the internet was invented, and when phones were on wires that went into the wall!)

Let me know what you find out.


Our RE topic this half term is Creation, and we are looking at the different ways that the world came into being.

How do you think the world was made?

Next week, we’ll share some stories that people tell, but this week, I’d like to know what you think.  Remember, we are all different people and we think different things, and that is absolutely ok.




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