Well done Winterton – wherever you are!

Hello All.

Well it’s been a strange week hasn’t it? At school we are coming to terms with what this lock down is asking of us – we are teaching the children in school and also reaching out to you working from home.

We are sticking to timetable at school, doing all our usual lessons. Those of you working at home need to be doing the same – sticking to the suggested timetable and keeping up with all your lessons. It would be so easy to fall behind, meaning that you will miss out. Remember it is your responsibility to keep up, and keep learning – I cannot do it for you.

Well done and thank you to all those of you that have sent in work so far this week:

Brodie; Erin; Evie; Isla; Kimberley; Lillymay and Theo.

And also well done to everyone that have been in school this week – it has been a pleasure to work with you all.

I hope to see work from everyone next week please. When you do send in work, please send in as a Word document then attach it to your email.

If you send it as Google docs I cannot save it and I am saving all work sent to me in a folder on my laptop. That way I can keep a record of who has done their work, and how well you have done.

From next week I will be keeping a ‘homework grid’ (as we normally do in class) so I have a clear record of who is, and who is not, keeping up.

I will also be ringing everyone who is home learning so I have an opportunity to speak to you all and check that everything is OK.

I did not put any Education City work up last week, but I will be doing so this week. There will be separate folders for reading, writing and maths. I may also put some folders up for individuals – so if you see a folder with your name on it, that is the work I need you to do.

We will be completed Tackling Tables every day in school, so keep up at home or you will fall behind your classmates!

Have a lovely weekend, keep safe and keep smiling – and be ready to send your work in every day to show me what you are doing.

Mrs. Marshall


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