Snettisham and Heacham Hurrahs!

Well Snettisham and Heacham, that was a bit of a week!

The nice thing is that now we all know what we are doing, and we know if we are in school or not in school.  Not knowing can be really tricky for some people and make them really uncomfortable, and that’s ok, so if that’s you, don’t worry, and if I can help settle any worries, just let me know.

Let’s go with the hurrahs!

Hurrah to all the children who made it onto EducationCity and BugClub.

Massive Hurrah’s to everyone who got all of the EducationCity activities done – Shaya, Eddie, Freddie, and Rihards from Reception, and Freddie, Ewa and Ava from Year 1.

Top readers this week are : Ewa, Corrine, Heitor, Ava and Freya from Year 1, and Mohammad, Fred, Shaya, Freddie and Maxim from Reception.  Great work my lovelies!

Hurrah to all the people who sent me work to show what they had done!

Ava sent her work in on a word document with the help of her sister.

Ava Thrower Little Red Riding Hood Ava Thrower The Wolf



Elouise has been counting with help from Danny.


Fred has been counting and writing.

Freya has been doing a lot of writing, and thinking about which of the Little Red Riding Hood pictures she liked the best.



Freddie has also been doing some fantastic writing.


All of you that have sent in work have really made me smile.  Thank you so much!


Finally, let’s have a super huge massive hurrah for all the grownups that are supporting the children with their work!  You’re marvellous, and you all deserve a sticker!

Keep emailing me, and I’ll be phoning during the week to see how everything is going.


Take care (and wash your hands,)


Miss Cook


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