Cromer Bubble’s Friday Blog, 8th January, 2021

Hello Cromer Bubble,

Well, what crazy times we are living in!  I hope you are all well and keeping safe.  At the moment we have 11 people in class, and I miss the rest of you.  Please keep in touch.  It’s been lovely to hear from Kacie, Preston and Danny.

Here we are working on our Power Maths:

Working hard at literacy…

I got some work from people at home, take a look:

This is from Nicole:

Harlee sent a lovely piece of short-burst writing, based on this picture:

The Tree House

The house stood at the top of a wrinkled, old tree that had been cut in half. In the distance, tall trees stand high in the misty charcoal grey fog, inside the tree house, light from a fire shone brightly, like a light being turned on when you have just woken up from a deep sleep and reflects in the night sky. In the door way a shadow of what looks like a broken person can be seen. A tiger sits on the grass in front of a crooked wooden fence, on top skulls with glowing orange eyes as street lights. The tiger looks real to passers-by but sits as still as a statue with emerald green eyes. The garden is full of what looks like purple snow drop flowers and crows are flying around, warning people away from the broken stick ladder which leads to the front door.


In other news…

Taya got a kitten for Christmas, her name is Kit Kat, she is about 9 weeks old, she looks so cute:

See you on Monday. Stay safe!


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