Mid-Week Class Feedback – Blakeney

Hello Blakeney class!

Thank you for continuing to work at home remotely. We are still very much at school right now with many children in school (key worker children) and some working in the safety of your own homes so make sure you keep up. As you will know, I sent all parents the Power Maths work for the week and the other lessons are on this blog page – all planned out and following the same time table that we do at school. If you did not get the Power Maths work, please contact me.

I have been receiving and checking your work each day – sending feedback via email to you; however, I thought it would be useful to share some whole class feedback here on the blog. I have attached copies of some work that has been submitted to me reflecting the standard I would like you to work towards. The photographs are rather small so click on the links at the bottom to see the work better:


This is a copy of literacy work – quick burst writing on Wednesday. The pupil has set his work out very clearly with evidence of editing (as learned from watching the video); corrections are made and words/spellings which the pupil is unsure of have been highlighted and then written out below the paragraph. Presentation and handwriting is neat.






For Music, RE and Topic work, the pupil has provided headings and has separated the work clearly. Answers to questions are spaced out and show that a lot of careful thought has gone into the questions that are being asked. Instructions provided have been followed carefully too.










In the maths work provided below, the pupil has shown clear working out and has followed the modelled methods as shown in the text book pages. He has fixed mistakes after checking. Feeling that he was able to push himself further, he completed some extension work on mulitiplication to ensure that he is always making progress.









Clearer images are provided on the links below.

wed 0 

wed 1

wed 2

wed 3

wed 4

wed 5

wed 6

wed 7

wed 8

I’m very proud of you all for the way you have adapted so quickly to remote learning and I look forward to seeing ongoing progress as the weeks unfold!

Don’t forget, you can contact me if you have any questions: [email protected]



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