The week ahead 5th January 2021

5th January 2021

I am sorry to be welcoming you back to a new year of online learning i would have prefered for us all to be together in the class.


As we are all needing to self-isolate this week then please make sure you work through the lessons and activities below. New learn screens and activities have also been put on Education City are also updated weekly on a Monday morning and can be found at https://go.educationcity.com/

Also, remember to log on to Tackling Tables and practise! Let me know how you get on – https://www.tacklingtables.co.uk/

As always, I can be contacted via  my email – [email protected] Don’t hesitate to email and let me know if you need anything to support your learning. I look forward to seeing your completed work.

Suggested Timetable

8.45 – 9.00 – Times table or mental maths practise.

9.00 – 10.00 – Maths

10.00 – 10.15 – Have a break and a well-earned snack!

10.15 – 10.30 – Practise this week’s spellings

10.30 – 11.30 – English

11.30 – 12.00 – Reading comprehension or handwriting practise



Each day work on one of our other subjects – you could look at topic or science or explore the National Oak Academy – https://www.thenational.academy/ website where there are hundreds of lessons for you to ‘dip’ into.

Remember, your learning is your responsibility – work hard and don’t give up!



Start you day by practicing the 3x tables. Here is a song to help you learn them.



We are continuing to look at multiplication and division calculations this week work through these lessons and see how you get on.





myth, hymn, gym, system, Egypt, symbol ,pyramid, lyric, mystery, typical

Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check Sheet


Look up the meanings of the words and write them into a sentence.


English – This week we will be starting to look at warning stories which are our focus for this unit. Can you recall any stories which involve a warning? Write a list of those stories which involve a warning.

Warning story

Basically, the story line hinges around the main character being warned not to go somewhere or do something and disobeying what they are told. This leads to a disaster, rescue and in the end a lesson is learned. It can be used as a story pattern with any genre.

Watch this video what is the warning given? What happens when this is not listened to? How is the character rescued? What happens in the end? What was the lesson learned?


Write the answers to these questions and send in your answers to me.

Settings are important in warning stories. Have a look at this clip: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zpccwmn/articles/z8mqsrd

Look at the pictures below and describe the settings, write words around the pictures to describe the settings. Settings are important in warning stories and that will be a focus in this unit. Think carefully about good adjectives to describe the setting and then write a good paragraph about the setting. Use all your senses when describing the setting. E.g. as I walked into the forest, I could hear……I could see……from behind me I felt…….

Guided Reading

Text 2 The Boy Who Cried Wolf



Today we are continuing to look at how we use multiplication and division facts to solve problems. here are a couple more lessons to work through.




Use one of the pictures from yesterday and start to plan a warning story around your setting. think about a character, draw them then decide what they can be warned about. how do they ignore the warning and what happens to them?

Draw or write your plan out to enable you to write a good story tomorrow, don’t forget the setting is really important in a warning story.

Guided Reading

Text 4 The Dragon Kings



We are continuing to work on our multiplication and division problems.





Continue to learn your spellings. Write each one 4 times concentrating on your letter formation and handwriting. Remember Egypt starts with a capital letter as it is the name of a country.

English –Today is your chance to have a go at writing your cold task. have a go at writing a story with a warning. Remember we are focussing on the setting. What warning is your character given? What happens to them? How are they saved and what do they learn?

Remember to send your work to me. My email is at the top of this page.

Guided Reading

Text 1 The Building of Heorot




Here are the final multiplication and division problems for this week. Share with me any of the lessons you have completed.





Todays the day ask an adult to test you on your spellings. Work on any you got wrong.

English –Read through the model text below, find any words you don’t understand and list them on a new piece of paper. Can you find out what they mean using a dictionary?

Kassim and the Greedy Dragon Model Text (1)

Now read through the text again and use these text detective questions to develop your understanding of the story.

text detectives


Guided Reading

Text 3 Pandoras Box


Science – This week we are starting our new topic on teeth and digestion. We start by looking at food chains. Can you find the meanings of these words?

Food chain, predator, consumer, prey, producer.

Watch these video clips.





Can you design your own food chain with a producer, consumer a prey and a predator?

These lessons may help you.





Topic – This week we start our new topic of Dragons and Dinosaurs myth or reality.

What do you already know about dragons what would you like to find out? Fill in the table below with questions and the knowledge you already have.

What do I Already Know and What do I want to find out_

choose a dragon from below and write a question about dragons that you would like to find out? Share your work with me!



Now see if you can find a dragon to make there are some below.




See if you can find a copy of ”How to Train a Dragon” and watch it.


Art-We are going to be looking at dragons and their eyes over the next few weeks. We will be looking at a power point of different dragon eyes and practicing drawing them. We will start by looking at human eyes and move on to dragon eyes. Watch these videos and have a go at drawing some eyes choose your favourite and shade it with some colour.



Fold a piece of paper into quarters and have a go at drawing eyes, don’t forget the light spot. If you need a bigger


Once again I’m sorry we can’t be together again in the classroom but please work hard and try to enjoy the lessons online. If you need to you can watch them more than once to make sure you understand them. Please share all your work online with me.

Happy Learning

Miss Shaw.


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