Winterton’s Penultimate week!

Good morning Everyone and welcome to the penultimate week of the term.


Below you will find Winterton’s Home Learning Timetable (click on link), so if you need to self-isolate you know what to do each day. You can also use the work included in this blog to consolidate or review any learning that we have done in class if you need a reminder.

If you have any problems, please email me at the address at the top of the page.

So here goes for another week …!

Winterton Home Learning Timetable


Monday 07.12.20 – cold task

Today we will be writing our COLD TASK for a persuasive text. Think about the language you will use to persuade someone to do something. It maybe to persuade your parents to give you more pocket money, or to let you stay up late. It could be to persuade me to let you watch a film one afternoon, or to let you have an extra non-uniform day. What will you choose?

Spelling:  words ending in -ably











Here is a word search that includes the relevant words so you can practise and become more confident – Word Search Black and White and a handwriting sheet – Cursive Handwriting Practice Sheet so you can have excellent handwriting as well. Do not be hesitant in doing this. You can also put the list words into a sentence – one sentence for each word. I have also included a fun activity for you to do – Letter Tiles Spellings Activity Sheet. Be observant when doing this to make sure you spell the words correctly! If you would like the Powerpoint presentation for this, please email me and I can send it to you.

Tuesday 08.12.20 – today we are working on your secret identity to become a spy!

You will need to complete the ‘Code Activity’ and then work out your spy name.

Reading:  Year 5-6 Reading extract and questions – Trappers Hill  SET A questions

Wednesday 09.12.20 – today we will see our new text and work on our understanding of it.

Once you have read the text, complete the ‘Vocabulary’ exercise and complete a ‘Tell-me-square.

Reading: Year 5-6 Reading extract and questions – Trappers Hill   SET B questions


Thursday 10.12.20 – today we will be working on our persuasive skills.

Read the activity for today and see how well you can persuade someone!

Reading:  Year 5-6 Reading extract and questions – The Alps  SET A questions


Friday 11.12.20 – today we are working on the toolkit and boxing-up of our text.

Think back to what we have done in other units for the toolkit and boxing-up. Think about what the author has done to make his writing persuasive – what techniques has he used? Then move onto the structure of the text – what comes first? What is the second paragraph about and what is its purpose? Complete this analysis for the whole text.

Reading: Year 5-6 Reading extract and questions – The Alps  SET B questions





This week we will be completing various Christmas themed maths activities.

Don’t forget to login to Tackling Tables to practise your times tables.


Topic – Monday 07.12.20:

When people migrate it can be for different reasons. There are push factors – things that push people away from their homes (such as war) and there are pull factors, things that pull people towards another country (safety).

In this lesson, we will focus on these push and pull factors.

Lesson Resources: PPT

Irish Migration

Task 1 Causes of Irish Migration over time slips

Task 1 Pupil table – causes of migration

Task 2 Mid 19th century sources

(Task 3 is on ppt and is for in class only)

Task 4 Victorian Migration from Ireland

Watch BBC Bitesize video for more information: Migration from Ireland, 1750-1900 Emigration from Ireland was forced by poverty and disease. In England immigrants often faced terrible conditions and racism but were a vital labour force and became an integral part of the population. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/guides/zcyymnb/revision/1

Watch BBC Bitesize video for more information: Experiences of immigrants in the Industrial era 1750-1900 Large numbers of migrants fleeing hardship found work in industrial Britain. Most saw their lives improve slowly, though many faced often appalling living conditions and growing racial prejudice. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/guides/zykqrdm/revision/2


Computing Tuesday 08.12.20

Follow the breadcrumbs 

During this lesson children will begin to appreciate the need to plan the structure of a website carefully. They will plan their website, paying attention to the navigation paths (the way that pages are linked together). They will then create multiple web pages for their site and use hyperlinks to link them together as detailed in their planning. 

  • Video
  • Worksheet
  • Quiz



D and T – Wednesday 09.12.20

This week we will be making some beautiful decorations for the classroom to make us feel festive and jolly!

Science – Thursday 10.12.20

We will be completing more work on light this week – particularly stars!


Keep in touch and let me know if you have any problems.

If you are working at home – keep well and we are thinking about you.

See you soon

Mrs. M 🙂


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