Thornham Bubble Friday Celebrations

Hello Thornham

We have had another great week. Here are some of the things we have been doing this week.


Design and Technology

In Design and Technology we have started to make our Tudor Houses. I will add pictures next week when we have finished!



In PE we had another great lesson with Mrs Woods. We practised our ball skills.



Children who swam this week had great fun learning new skills.  Mr Holmes our swimming instructor was very pleased with all the children.


This week we have finished learning all the main sounds. We will now concentrate on practising these sounds as well as blends and clusters from phase 4.



We have now completed our English work using the model text – Whatever Next!.

Children have completed some great writing (Hot Task) based on our model text.



Continuing with our work on subtraction, the children have learnt about related addition and subtraction facts. Mollie and Devon have worked particularly well this week.



Well done to those children who have completed homework tasks.

Devon designed his own fairground ride.

Aaishah drew pictures of electrical items in her house and a list of things she would

take to the moon.

Alex completed activities in Education City.

Alex ordered the coins form least to most value.

He then weighed the coins and put in order from lightest to heaviest.

Violet has drawn a picture of her favourite fairground ride, which is the Sea Dragon mini rollercoaster at Hunstanton…

Violet also drawn a picture of her picnic she would like to take to the moon.. some interesting foods on there!

Violet has also been practising her number and  counting in twos, fives   She has also been making snowmen out of toilet rolls! We are promised a look nearer Christmas!😊


If you need the homework grid here it is –

Thornham Homework Grid Aut 2

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Mrs Stanley


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