Sheringham shout-outs, Friday 27th

My favourite time of the week is doing this weekly blog, as I can look back and admire all your wonderful achievements and successes and celebrate with you. You should all be very proud of yourselves for working hard and persevering with tasks, even if they have been challenging.

We have had a great number of certificates to give out over the week for children learning their times tables. Well done to Rokas, April, Daisy, Sonny, Darcey, Lily, Leon, Layla and Emma.

I will be showing you how you can do your times tables online, so hopefully we can hand out even more certificates over the next weeks.

An increasing number of pupils achieved a certificate for completing all activities on Education City. Congratulations to Darcey, Oscar, Rokas, Eden and Brody.

In Music, April was chosen to be Musician of the week. She did a great job at ‘feeling the music’ as she played her instrument. She also chose to do some Music related homework in making a shaker instrument.

Layla also did some homework this week in writing a recount.


We loved our Science lesson this week on Sound. We were given the opportunity to make a string telephone with a partner. It was great fun testing them out testing them out, and explaining how sound travels through the string.

What a super week Sheringham! Keep up the great work,

Mrs Moyle



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