Cromer Bubble’s Friday Blog, 13th November, 2020

Hello Cromer Bubble,

At Greyfriars we will be raising money for Children in Need a little differently this year. As today is only a half day in school for most of our children, and they are in non-school uniform already; we will be having our Children in Need day next Monday (16th November).

Unfortunately we cannot run the usual stalls and cake competition, but we are inviting the children to come in spots and/or yellow for the day. There will be a voluntary contribution of £1 to raise money for this very worthy cause at this difficult time.


It’s been a busy week this week and we’ve got a lot done.

We’ve been working hard on our Power Maths.  The year 6s have been working on fractions, while the year 5s have been factors, multiples, prime numbers and square numbers.

In literacy we’ve been we started a new fiction unit based on the story, ‘The Caravan’.



The following people got full marks in spelling: AAC, Annabelle, Ema, Charlie, TG, Jamie, Kristine, Isaac, Matthew, Axella, Brayden, Emily, Kacie, Erica, Harlee, Jack, Reuben, Pippa, Frankie and Nicole.

We made some poppies for Armistice Day:

All photos taken by A.A.C.

The following people did really well in tackling tables: Jessica, Nicole, Jack, Pippa, Franky, Kristine, Erica, Preston, Reuben, Emily, Isaac, Annabelle and Kacie.


Although the weather has turned colder, we’ve still been playing outside and having lots of fun!

Zayd had some interesting finds!:

Again, all photos taken by A.A.C.


Our P.E. lesson, we are learning to play hockey:




Spellings for next week:

Year 5: Words ending in -ment:

  1. equipment
  2. environment
  3. government
  4. parliament
  5. enjoyment
  6. document
  7. management
  8. movement
  9. replacement
  10. statement

Year 6: Adding the verb prefixes over-

  1. overthrow
  2. overturn
  3. overslept
  4. overcook
  5. overreact
  6. overestimate
  7. overuse
  8. overpaid
  9. overlook
  10. overbalance

These words will be tested on Friday, 20th November, 2020.

Remember, you can still log in to Tackling Tables and Education City.

Don’t forget to send photos of animals or wildlife and photos of you reading.

Remember if you need anything, please just email me:

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you next week.


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