A day to remember

Across the school, as we approached 11 o’clock, the children stopped what they were doing, and were ready to sit, respectful as always, for the 2 minutes silence.

In the past we have met in the hall, we have had visiting veterans and serving members of the Armed Forces and the British Legion, we have had assemblies led by a variety of ministers and head teachers, we have live linked to the Silence in the Square or commemorated it ourselves.

This year we were all in our own classrooms, but the feeling in the school was just as reverent.

In Heacham and Snettisham we watched some of the service from Westminster, having spent time yesterday learning about the Unknown Warrior, where even some of the adults found out things that they didn’t know! We also made poppies yesterday, ready for the display today.  Many of the children then made more today and added them to the display.


Here are some of our pictures.



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