Hunstanton Monday 9-11-20.

Hi My Squirts,

I hope you all had a good weekend.

WELL DONE to Harper and Mylah for sending me your homework.

Queen Harper’s Rules


They are a bit small to see.

I’m afraid there will be no rule saying “No more homework” as much as the whole class would support you.

Michael Rosen’s poem “Chocolate Cake” has obviously had a profound affect on you – but for every meal?



Mylah’s Monster





It’s a bit scarier than those in “Where The Wild Things Are” Mylah.





There is a big change in how we communicate what we are doing at school from this week. The idea is to make everything as accessible as possible so if you have to isolate you can still keep up with what we are learning in class.

Our learning this week:


English – Continue to Internalise the text “Where The Wild Things Are”. Make actions for each paragraph of the text to help you remember it. where-the-wild-things-are

Spellings – Sound ay. day, play, may, stray, spray, crayon. Yes, I know we’ve done these before – it’s called practive.

Bug Club reading.

Maths – Adding 2 digit numbers to 1 digit numbers with regrouping.



Activity related to lesson.


Topic – Think about all the different things you might do when you visit a fair. Focus on your 5 senses to help you remember. Can you find out what a London Frost Fair was and why we don’t have them today.


English – Boxing Up the Text. Reread the text and make notes about what happens in each paragraph.

Spellings – Sound ou. about, cloud, scout, found, around, sprout.

Bug Club reading.

Maths – Subtracting a 1 digit number from a 2 digit number without regrouping.



Activity related to the lesson.


Science – Do the activities loaded into classwork on EducationCity.


English – Exploring Simple Sentences.

Lesson, including activities.


Spellings – Sound ie. pie, lie, tie, cried, tried, spied.

Bug Club reading.

Maths – Begin the activities on EducationCity.

Special Day Study – Today is Remembrance Day. Where is the grave of the Unknown Warrior? Why is it so special, especially this year? What else can you find out about it?

This MAY help you.

Unknown Warrior


English – Continuing our sentence work. Have a go at unscrambling these jumbled sentences.

Simple sentence Activities

Spellings – Sound ea. sea, seat, bead, read, meat, treat.

Bug Club reading.

Maths – Continue the activities on EducationCity.

DT – Look at the picture of this Tudor house.

Tudor House Information Display Poster

Have a go at sketching it. Remember to put in the beams; these were very important.


English – Write some sentences about these pictures.




Spellings – Practise all the words you have been revising this week.

Bug Club reading.

Maths – Practise counting in 2s and 5s. Revise your 2 times table and begin learning your 5 times table.

Homework – Do two more activities from the Homework Grid.

I hope this all makes sense. If not, you can always email me.

Mr. H.


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