Well done Holkham.

Well done Holkham on coming back to school with positive attitudes to work. It was great to see all your happy smiling faces on Monday. Congratulations to Ava on being chosen as musician of the week by Miss Berners.

Here are some pictures from our lesson.




In literacy we have made a good start to looking at what a suspense story includes and we have all had a go at our cold task,  writing a suspense story. We have started to learn our focussed text why not read through it together you will find it below. Ask your children to tell you the meaning of some of the words, they should know them as we have looked at the text in class.


In numeracy we have continued to look at addition and subtraction as well as estimating what the answers could be using mental arithmetic.

We will continue with this next week why not ask your children to add or subtract two 3 digit numbers. they could start with these.

254+347=              623-142=

Today I have sent home your children’s education city login. To support your children’s learning. we have talked about how to log in please make sure you have a look on Monday for work that has been set to support what we are doing in class.


In science we have started a new topic for the half term we will be looking at sound over the next few weeks. This week we looked at how sound is caused by vibrations and we investigated how different  instruments work, a fun but loud lesson. have a look at a few of our investigation pictures.










This term we have a Design and Technology project instead of Art, we had to make the tallest tower we could in groups this week using only 6 pieces of paper. Have a look at how we got on. we were allowed to tear the paper to make ropes.

Have a look at how Ava went home and built her own tower.

In P.E. we have started to look at team games here are a few pictures showing the fun we had.









Don’t forget to have a look at the homework grid on the top of Holkham page. Choose a task have a go and send in photo’s of work you have completed. I can’t wait to see your pictures.


Finally these children have made it onto the over and above tree this week.





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