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Good morning Heacham,

Whilst you are all at home for the day and I’m in school, I’m just going to have a play with how we do the blog.

Every day you need to be doing Maths, Literacy and Phonics.  In school, that looks like this :

0900 – Phonics

0930 – Literacy

1015 – Maths

Then there’s one other subject for the afternoon.




Today we should start learning our new story, The Sleepy Bumblebee.

sleepy bumblebee

This link will download it on powerpoint, and if you click the speaker on each page, I’ll read you the story.

Today, you just need to watch the first 3 slides, and then see if you can predict what will happen next.


We are continuing our work on addition, so here’s an Oak Academy teacher to show you how it’s done!


After this, you can log onto EducationCity and look in Classwork, and that will show you the work that you need to do in there, in a folder called Wednesday 4/11/2020.




Yesterday we predicted the end of the story.  Today, you need to read the whole story ( or use the speaker and I’ll read it to you) and see if you were right.  We need to internalise this text, so look for the parts that repeat, and see if, when you share the book with an adult, you can put those bits in yourself.  Why do you think there are repeated sections?


Today we are moving on to word problems which use addition facts.  Here’s the lovely Oak Academy teacher again!


When you’ve done that, log yourself into EducationCity and look in classwork again, and there’s a folder called Thursday 5/11/2020, which has the work that you need to do.



Look at this sentence.

the whale sat on the elephant

What is wrong with this sentence?

In class, we’ll be writing this sentence out to make it sit correctly on the lines in our literacy books, and practicing our letter formation correctly.

After that, we’ll be looking at our spellings that we are going to be learning.  Your words are :











Each day next week we will have a different spelling activity in Choose Your Own Learning that will help you to practice your spelling.  Next Friday you will be able to show me how much better at your spelling you have got.


We’ve read the story a few times this week now, see how much of this story you can remember.  Can you tell it to someone else?  If you’re stuck at home, tell it to someone who can record it, and email it to me!  We’ll need to think about actions for this, so send me your suggestions and I’ll put them together to make a video for next week.  Have you ever felt as frustrated as Mr Bumblebee?


Today we will be double checking that we understand the vocabulary in word problems.  This isn’t Oak Academy, but I liked it, and I though it would help you.

If you go to EducationCity now, and on Classwork look for the Friday folder, you’ll find your maths work in there for you to do.


So that is the English, phonics and maths for this week.

What else?


We are starting work on the Great Fire of London.

This is a lovely video about how the fire started.

Some of us have already seen the Magic Grandad version of the story, and although we’ll talk about Samuel Pepys another day, we watched it to help us decide what we would save from a fire.

If all your people and pets were safe, what would you choose to save?


This term we are going to be thinking about electricity and finding out about it.  Today, I’d like you to make a list of as many things as you can think of that use electricity to work.  What would life be like without electricity?


Here’s the powerpoint that you need to start your work on Christianity.

Week 1 RE Christianity

What do you think is the difference between a Christian and a non-Christian?


Let me know what you think of the new format.  Is it easier to use?  Is it easier having the EducationCity in day folders rather than in one big folder for the week?  Let me know.

And wash your hands!

See you soon,


Miss Cook


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