Sensory Circuits

Every morning we have a Sensory Circuits Session.  Many children have differences in the way they process sensory information.  These can impact on learning.  Sensory Circuits activities help us to provide sensory feedback, to energise and settle children into the school day.  The Sensory circuit should include two alerting activities, two organising activities and a calming activity.

Ideas for alerting activities:

(Balance and sense of own space stimulation)

  • Bouncing on a trampoline.
  • Bunny hops/Frog jumps/squat jumps/crab walks.
  • Skipping
  • Action songs

Ideas for organising activities.

(Requiring motor sensory processing, balancing and timing.)

  • Balancing on cushion, piece of wood, straight line along the floor.
  • Log rolling
  • Push ups against the wall
  • Squats with lunges
  • Aiming at a target – blowing a ball onto a target/throwing onto a target
  • Skipping and jumping over a moving rope
  • Climbing

Ideas for calming activities:

(Providing input to calm the senses so you are ready to learn!)

  • A large ball rolled over the child’s back.
  • Massaging hands, feet, legs or arms.
  • Weighted blankets (or blankets if weighted ones are not available)
  • Being rolled up tightly in a blanket.

Try this session from the Oak National Academy.  If you don’t have all of the materials, you can use the same idea with whatever materials you have at home.

Sensory Circuits Session 1



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