Attention Skills Activities!

We love our Attention Skills sessions!  Our sessions are based on the Attention Autism programme by Gina Davies.

You can recreate the sessions at home using any household materials you have to hand.  The principle is that children learn to sit and attend to an activity for longer and to wait their turn for an activity.  There are four stages.  Some children will only be able to attend to Stage 1, but will develop skills over time to attend to more stages.  The stages are presented in order.

Below is an explanation of each stage.   You can find some fantastic examples of different stages in the links below.

Gina Davies gives a brief talk with ideas for activities.

There are lots of videos and ideas on Gina’s Facebook Page.



    • Stage 1: The Bucket to Focus Attention

    A bucket is filled with visually engaging objects and toys, aiming to gain the shared attention of the group. The adult leader shows each item to the group and uses simple repetitive vocabulary to comment on the various objects.

    • Stage 2: The Attention Builder

    Visually stimulating activities are shown to the group by the adult leader, aiming to sustain attention for a longer period. The activities are fun, visually engaging and can often involve delightful mess!


  • Stage 3: Turn taking & Re-engaging Attention

    The adult leader demonstrates a simple activity, often modelled with another adult in the group. Some children are then invited to have a turn but only if they are comfortable to do so. Not every child in the group will get a turn, which then teaches important emotional regulation skills, as well as the essential skills of waiting, turn-taking and learning through modelling.




    Stage 4: Shifting & Re-engaging Attention

    Stage 4 aims to develop the skill of engaging and shifting attention. The adult leader demonstrates a simple creative task, and then gives each child an individual kit to copy the task. The children take their kits to a table, complete the task independently, and then everyone returns to the group to show their completed tasks.



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