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Hello Everyone,

Welcome back! We hope you have had a lovely half-term. If anyone managed to complete your Autumn Tick Sheet then you could print it or email it too me so your children can share it in class. If you’ve not had chance it, you can find it in the link above.

Just a reminder that it is really important that we  social distance when dropping off and collecting the children. Adults in our setting will be wearing a mask when greeting your children and then removing them once we are back inside. We politely ask that you do the same when walking onto the school site. This helps keep our community and out staff safe – we want to get beck to normal as quickly as possible. 

This week 

Communication and Language

We will be learning the meaning and BSL actions for the following words:

  • I– https://www.signbsl.com/sign/I
  • The – https://www.signbsl.com/sign/the
  • To – https://www.signbsl.com/sign/to
  • Into – https://www.signbsl.com/sign/go

Ask your children to show you the Word Rap. They LOVE it (especially shouting the word): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=428l9PIED_I

Can you model 1 or 2 sentences for children to use?

  • I went to the shop?
  • We walked into the shop?
  • I waved to my friend.

Physical Development

Children will be using playdough to practice measuring, rolling and cutting dough (see Literacy below for more information on our theme for dough cutting). This really helps to build the muscles in their hands, which also helps their writing. If you would like to make your own playdough at home. If you would like to make your own playdough at home, have a look at video and recipe below – it’s the one we use in school.



Personal, Social and Emotional

This week we will be talking about Bonfire Night and basic fire safety. We will remind the children of our fire drills and procedures in school, as well as, talking to them about stop, drop and roll. Whilst it’s important to speak about the dangers, we would also like children to think about when we use fireworks for celebrations (Bonfire night, New Years Eve, Diwali etc.)


This week we will be introducing children to the traditional tale ‘The Gingerbread Man’. They will be finding the incidence and tools (utensils) we need to bake our own Gingerbread people. Click here to read the text. We will also be drawing a story map, similar to the one below. Maybe you could draw your own story maps at home?

As we learn the text off by heart. We use actions to retell the story. I’ve put a few at the bottom to help you with this. Next week your children should be able to use our class actions to tell you the story. We love performing the story in Snettisham.


In Phonics we will be revisiting  and writing the sounds s, a, t, p, and i.

Here are the phases, rhymes and pictures we use to help us form our letter. Below you will also find videos from My Thorne (a great Phonics teacher) showing you how to say each of the sounds correctly.



This week we are exploring the number 6! We’ll be think about all of the different ways that you can show 6. You could have 6 lines, dots or zigzags on a piece of paper. Maybe 6 cubes, cups or lollipops. Maybe it’s just writing the numeral/digit 6. 6 is every where.

“Draw a ‘c’ then loop to the middle, you’ll make six with this riddle!”

Below are examples of the lessons we might use in school to support with learning all about ‘6’.

  • This lesson is learning to count objects and numerals to 6.


  • This lesson will support you with ways to talk to your children about the number 6.


  • This lesson will look at how we can can count one more of objects or numerals to make 6, 7.


  • This lesson will look at how we can can count one fewer of objects or numerals to make 6, 5.


  • This lesson will help children to order numbers 1-6. Some children might remeber to start from zero, which is a discussion we have had in our Maths lessons before half-term.



Understanding the World

This week we will be looking at pictures/maps of London, and recognising it as the capital city of the country which we live in. Have a look at some of the pictures and maps below. Ask if children can tell you what they think is the same and what is different.

  • Why is this one dark? (taken at night time)
  • Why is this light? (taken during the day)
  • How old do you think this one is? (102 years old)
  • How were the first two pictures taken? (satellites)

Expressive Arts and Design

They could create their own firework pictures like the one below. This can be created either with paint, crayons or pens. Another method below is rolling balls through the paint and onto dark paper.

As usual, you will find more learning on Education City and reading on Bug Club and please email me if you have any problems on: [email protected] which is probably easier than trying to catch me in the mornings or after school but I will try to make myself as available as possible at these time whilst adhering to social distancing.

Best wishes,

Mr Sellers


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