The week ahead in Heacham 02/11/2020

Good morning starshines!

Miss Cook says hello!

How was your break?  Mine was lovely with lots of dog walking for the DexterDog, who only really likes daytime walks.

Shall we see what is coming up this week?


We’re going to start by writing about our favourite thing that happened in the holidays.  We’re going to carry on using the time words from before the holidays.  Do you remember them? They are First, Next, Then, Finally.

On Tuesday, and for the rest of the week, we’ll be looking at our new text, called The Sleepy BumbleBee.  You will recognise the story, I’m sure, although this is a different setting and character than the one we are used to.

Here it is!

sleepy bumblebee

That is a powerpoint version, with me reading the story just for you.  I hope you like it.  Do let me know.

This week we will be getting to know the story, seeing if we can learn it, and I’ll put an actions video up when I get back to school.


Our Power Maths continues into Unit 3, looking at addition facts and number bonds.  We are spending a while on this so that you’ve got it securely.  The pages will be in your Power Maths on Bug Club, and some practice work will be on EducationCity, but here is a BBC page that will show you how it’s done. BBC Maths

Later in the week I’ll update this with how far we have got in school, and then if you’re at home, you’ll be at the same place as us!


We’ve moved rapidly through phase 4 and this week we are starting phase 5!  We’ll be going back over phase 4 concepts as they come up again in phase 5 and in all of our reading.  Phase 5 is all about alternative ways of writing some of the sounds we already know.  Sounds complicated? Well, sometimes it is, but we’ll be ok.

Those are the first three for this week, and then Thursday will be about using these words in context and Friday will be when we start our spelling tests.  Don’t worry, I’m going to fit them to the words you know to start with, so that they aren’t too hard whilst we are working out how to do them.

Reception, I’ll have a chat to Mr Sellars and see what your phonics are for this week, or have a look on Snettisham blog and they’ll be on there.


Our Wellbeing Wednesday bird this week is Fle the Flamingo, and she’ll be talking about being brave.  It’s sometimes a tricky thing to be, so I’m looking forward to hearing what advice she has for the egg.

What else?

The Rainbow Challenge is back again!  Here’s a copy for anyone stuck at home to use.

Rainbow challenge Y1

This week we’ll also be looking at democracy, because it’s Guy Fawkes Night, and so we’re looking at how voting works.  As usual, we’ll be talking about being safe around bonfires and fireworks as well.

It’s a lot to do, and there’ll be more than that as we cover things as they come up.  I’ll add anything else into a new blog post later in the week.


Until then, take care, and wash your hands, remember to email me if you need me,


Miss Cook


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