Hello Sheringham; 19th October

So, we have reached the final week of this half-term. Well done on working so hard since coming into year 3. Let’s make sure we continue to be super stars, trying our very best.

Let’s have a look at what is in store this week:


I love how you are working hard on your times tables at school and at home! This knowledge will help you with your Maths work. The sheet that you have taken home is what you are currently learning. It could be x10, x2, x5, x3 or x4.

In class, we are continuing to look at addition and subtraction.

These sites will help explain:



We are also going over counting in 50s. Why not have a go and see how far you can get:http://www.snappymaths.com/multdiv/5xtable/interactive/countin50s/countin50s.htm



This week in English we will be innovating and writing our own journey story. Here is a planning sheet to help you to organise your ideas:

Children’s Boxing Up Grid (1)

When you write your story, remember to add lots of detail to help develop your plot and keep your reader interested. Also, check your sentences and punctuation! Here’s some lessons to recap our learning on sentences structure and using fronted adverbials.



We are continuing with homophones in our spellings. These are the new words:



This week we are learning the myth of Magnes the Shepherd and how magnets were discovered. Watch the story here and discuss with a grown up – you could write your own version of the story or create a comic strip to retell it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNZEBDFv3YU

We are also exploring the uses of magnetic materials – complete this lesson to help your understanding. https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/what-are-some-uses-of-magnetic-materials-60u64r



This week we will be coming to the end of the geography aspect of our topic. (Next half term we will be exploring the history of some of the UK’s most famous landmarks). What can you remember from this half-term about the United Kingdom?

Topic Geography Knowledge Organiser

We will be discovering the different mountain ranges in the United Kingdom. Use the information here to learn about how mountains are formed and their location in the UK.



I’m already looking forward to starting this week with everyone in Sheringham! Let’s keep our positive attitude!

Mrs Moyle





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