Holkham Class, Work Hard

The first congratulations go to  Oscar who was musician of the week, he listened well to instructions from Miss Berners and he was able to leave his instrument on the table when he was instructed to by the teacher.

We had fun again playing boom whackers in our music lesson.


In english this week we have been planning and writing a journey story together. We have also looked at frontal adverbials and had a go at adding them to simple sentences to make them more interesting. Why not watch this short lesson with your children.


Can you use a frontal adverbial to improve these sentences?

My dog slept.

The children made a snowman.

My garden was covered in snow.


We  continued with addition and subtraction in maths this week and we have found it quite challenging at times. why not watch this video and have a go at some problems at home.



We had a go at pointillist painting this week what do you think of our results?


Here are some of the finished pictures!









Finally these children made it onto the over and above tree this week!



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