The week ahead in Heacham bubble 12/10/2020

Good morning,

Shall we see what is coming up this week?  It’s a cold, dark, damp morning here, so hopefully this will cheer you up if you are stuck at home and missing the rest of us – we miss you too!


We didn’t get as far through the maths as I thought we would last week – looking into the future is very tricky!  We are going to be making sure we properly understand the Part Part Whole model before we move on, and then we will be looking at finding and recording number bonds.  I have allocated the right lessons to you.  If you are stuck, there is a bbc bitesize page that can help you here https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zyd28hv with video, and a bbc song here https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0115h1h

Both of those will be really useful.  As usual though, if you  have any problems, please let me know.


We are leaving behind the Three Bears (or pandas, tigers, sea-snakes) in their cottage (or castle, or cave, or tree house) to move on to recount.  A recount is when you tell someone else what actually happened.  I’ve made a video of our text for you to watch that will be up here soon.

We will start our week by writing about what happened in our weekend, and then going on from there to look at the text.  We’re going to be really focusing on sentences and how to write them, remembering to start with a capital letter, to use our finger spaces so it isn’t all one long word, to make it interesting with our word choices, and to finish with the right punctuation.  Most of the time we use full stops, but this text has an exclamation mark in it, so we’ll be using that as well.  Here’s a bbc page to help you with writing sentences. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/z88t97h/articles/zsv64qt


Year 1 – your sounds this week are ow, oi, ear, air, and ure


Reception – your sounds this week are u, r, h, and b.


You’ll find your activities on your BugClub and on your EducationCity.  Please do make sure you are looking at those and doing the work – remember, we like to look in school and see how you are doing!  I can allocate new work or new books from home, so make sure you are reading the books at home as well as in school.  I know they aren’t real books, but we aren’t allowed to send those home yet, so this is the next best safest thing.


Oleg the Observant Owl taught us about looking at our own reactions and making sure that we didn’t make a bad choice because of our feelings.  This week, Peri the Proud Peacock, from India, will be telling us about how to be proud of ourselves for who we are.  We’ll also be finishing off our emotions videos, and starting to use some meditation to help us to calm down and make good choices.

Collections Table

Our collections table this week is YELLOW!  We are looking for all kinds of yellow things to go onto it.  What yellow things can you find? Send me a picture, and I’ll print it to go on the collections table.




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