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Good Morning Squirts,

Homework Well Dones to:

Oakley and Mylah.

Oakley’s Hedgehog


Mylah’s Treasure Map

Our Learning for this Week:


Read the poem Yo Ho Ho and create actions to match the words to help you remember the poem.

Yo Ho Ho Poem (1) (1)

Look for words that rhyme. Is there a pattern?

Can you find any pirate poems?

Find out the meanings of any words you don’t know.

Practise the spellings you have been learning this half term.


Maths this week we will continue to count in 5s and 10s and explore addition and subtraction.

As well as the links below there are set activities on EducationCity.

Number Bonds.


Adding together three different numbers.



Look at the microhabitat lesson at the link below then try to compare two different microhabitats using the sheet as a guide line.


Microhabitats Enquiry Location Activity Sheet

If you are working at home you can email me if you need help.

Mr H.


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