Blakeney’s Friday Blog 9/10/20

What a fantastic week we have had! I’m so proud of everyone for the amazing way that you’ve all adapted to being back at school, focusing your attention on good behaviour for positive learning results.

After a rather bumpy start to the week, we shared some great discussions which showed not only how mature you can all be but also how kind and respectful you can be for one another. Ending the week with World Mental Health Day was perfect! It gave use the chance to reflect on how positive actions and sharing our concerns actually makes us stronger.

Now, we can truly say that we have a happy class environment where everyone knows they are valued and supported. Today, I’m feeling very proud to be the teacher of Blakeney Class. Thanks kids!


Some of the things we managed to achieve in lessons this week:

  • We finished our unit on place value and moved onto addition in Maths.

  • We learned some quick mental maths methods for times tables like 350 x 20.

  • We completed our portal stories in English and then created some moving poems about the environment, writing them up for display.

  • We improved our understanding of information retrieval for reading comprehensions.

  • We learned about alternatives to single-use plastics – edible forks that you eat after using them to eat your lunch?!!

  • We learned how to spot and avoid the pitfalls of spam emails.

  • We now know why there is night and day and how it happens – we love science!

  • We interpreted Islamic teachings and learned that Muslims are taught to be peaceful and tolerant.

  • We discussed the Pop Art of Andy Warhol.

Wow! All that in one week. “I knew there was a good reason for going to school!” I hear you say.

The Week Ahead

Feel free to look at the Monday blog to see the work we will be doing next week. But please remember, the resources are what we will be using in class so you don’t need to do that work unless you are self-isolating next week. Otherwise you will be doing it all twice!

Thank you ending the week on such a positive note! Have a great weekend.

Ms. Black



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