Monday 5th October 2020

Good Morning My Squirts,

Homework WELL DONES to:

Nojus and Melissa.

Nojus The Seasons

Melissa as a Chef


Melissa would like to be a chef when she grows up. I wonder if her favourite dish will be tongue!


Nojus, I liked the way you made your poster circular so the seasons keep following each other in the correct order.



Learning for this week will include:


Reread  Diary of a Young Pirate

Then practise the way we internalised the text. Focus on the order in which things happen and the vocabulary used:

  • First.
  • Next.
  • Then.
  • After that.
  • In the afternoon.
  • Before bed.

Try writing a diary entry of your own using the six time connectives above.

Phonics sounds this week are:

  • wh – whizz and whack.     when, which, where.
  • ph – photo with a phone.    phonics, dolphin, elephant.
  • ew – chew the stew.    blew, crew, threw.
  • oe – ouch my toe.    hoe, doe, goes.


Maths this week we will continue to count in 5s and 10s and explore addition and subtraction.

As well as the links below there are set activities on EducationCity.

Number Bonds.


Adding together three different numbers.



Looking at Habitats.


Look at the link above so watch an online lesson about habitats then try the quiz at the end.


In our topic work this week we will be learning about our carbon footprint. Look at the ppt. below to see what a carbon footprint is.


Can you design a poster to encourage people to be be more energy efficient?

Enjoy your learning journey.

Mr H.


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