Coming up in Heacham this week (05/10/2020)

What are we doing this week?


There has been an exciting development in the Maths, in that I can now allocate your lessons to you and when you log into Bug Club, there are your lessons! Isn’t that exciting?  However, because there are no videos for them, I’ll be putting the Oak Academy work on here when it matches up, but you can always look at both.  You can never have too much maths – ask Ms Nordloh!

Reception – Reception are starting a new topic on sorting this week.  The focus is on sorting into two groups.

Have a look at this Oak Academy lesson, and then have a look at the Power Maths work on Bug Club.


Year 1 – you are also starting a new topic! Yours is part part whole within ten.

You can get a good idea from this video, https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/recognising-the-relationship-between-addition-and-subtraction-60tp4t?activity=worksheet&step=3

Then have a look at your Bug Club and see what it says on there.

Remember, if you are unable to come in, you can always email me for more information about the specific lessons that you will miss.


This week we are spending time on the innovation stage of our Talk 4 Writing Three Bears story.  Do you remember that last week we looked at the things we could change?  In class, we had tigers who lived in a lighthouse who ate fish finger sandwiches, and the Big Bad Wolf came to the lighthouse when they were out! We played around with lots of other ideas as well, like sheep who lived in a cave and were visited by a seahorse, sharks who lived under the sea and were visited by a whale, and lots of other things.

On Monday, we’ll be drawing a story map and writing on the important labels – the nouns.  We’ll be talking a lot about nouns this week.  Try watching this for more help with what a noun is. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zrqqtfr/articles/zpd8ng8

On Tuesday, we’ll be working together to write the map into a story.

On Wednesday, we’ll be working on our own individual story maps, ready to spend Thursday and Friday writing them up as their own stories.  It’s going to be a busy week.


In our wellbeing time this week we will be watching a short episode about emotions each day.  You can find them here.  This is helping the children to give names to the big emotions that they feel, and so help them to regulate them better.  This week we are looking at being brave.  We’re also using the Calm app to help us learn to meditate and self-regulate.

That’s the theme of our bird this week as well, Oleg the Owl. Oleg looks carefully at how he is feeling and reacting to his feelings, and checks to see if he is making the right choice.


The Collections Table

This week we are starting a collections table.  Right now it is EMPTY!  Each week we will work together to make a table of things that have something the same about them.  This week, it is things that are alive or dead.  We’re looking at that in Science, because there are things that are alive, like Dexter the dog who is under my table, things which are dead, like the table, that used to be a living tree and now it isn’t, and things that have never been alive, like the computer mouse I am using to make this blog post.  Just so we know, we’ll have to stick to models and pictures of things that have been alive – I can’t really bring Dexter the dog to school and ask him to sit on a table all day! I’ll have to bring a picture. How about this one?




Our sounds this week are long oo (like moon), short oo, (like book), ar, (like car) or, (like storm) and ur (like surf)

This is the phonics song set that we use in school that will help you to learn the action and pronunciation for each sound.  Your phonics are also in your Bug Club account, and in your EducationCity.

Don’t forget, you can always email me for more help.

Take care,


Miss Cook


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