Sheringham; Monday 5th October

Hello all,

Here’s hoping for another great week in Sheringham! We have fantastic activities planned; keep reading to find out more. In addition, we also have our swimming lessons starting this week. Our bubble will swim on a Tuesday. We will be swimming in 4 separate groups with children swimming every other week. The swimming groups will be shared with the children on Monday and a letter will be taken home.

Parents; your child MUST remember to bring their full kit on their swimming day – a swimming costume or trunks, towel and a swimming hat. We are not able to lend any kit so make sure your child has the full kit on the correct days or you won’t be able to swim. Due to Covid19 and social distancing, Mr Holmes and Mrs Smith will not be able to help your child put on their hat and goggles, please practise this at home.

We also have our school photos being taken in school on Tuesday 6th October, hopefully before swimming!


We are continuing with our fictional work on the Hobbit. The class are loving it! The Journey to the Lonely Mountain. As part of the work this week, we will be doing some sentence activities. Use the lesson below to explore simple sentences.

Simple sentences: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/to-explore-simple-sentences-cmwp8r

Our spellings this week are words with ‘ur’ sound spelt with ear:


We are still going over our x10, x2 and x5 tables in class. Please practise at home.

We will also be ordering and comparing 3 digit numbers. Have a look at this site to help: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/ordering-and-comparing-3-digit-numbers-68w68d



We will start this week by recapping on magnetic field – use this lesson to help you https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/how-can-we-see-a-magnetic-field-60rk8c

Then we will explore the strength of different magnets.

Can you plan an investigation to test which magnet is the strongest?



This week we will be exploring rivers. What is a river and where do they come from? Can you name any of the rivers in the UK? Can you name the river that we have here in King’s Lynn?

Watch and complete this lesson.

When you have finished, can you name some of the rivers in the UK? Can you find these on a map? Which rivers would you need to cross if you were travelling from Land’s End to John O’Groats?



After we have worked so hard, we will have a go at another sign song in class. Thought you might like this one Sheringham:


Looking forward to sharing with you our photos and news from the week on Friday’s blog.

Mrs Moyle




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