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This post is my ‘predicting the future’ post, where I let you know what lessons we will be doing in case you’re having to do them from home.  With everything, if you need more detail, just let me know, and I can send it to you.  The detail of the maths has to be sent to you on request for legal and copyright reasons, so email me or ask school when you phone in.


Reception – Numbers to ten unit. This week we are looking at 4 and 5, and at conservation of number.  This means that 4 is 4 whether it is made of buttons or beads or fingers, and that 4 is 4 whether it is wheels on the outside of a car or 4 blocks stuck together in different ways.  Here’s a lovely song that explains the principle, (albeit with 6, but the principle is still the same!)

Year 1 –  Ordering numbers and quantities – who has the most, the least, can we put them in order?  We also start first, second, third, and begin numberlines, before finishing off this week with a number assessment.


We are carrying on the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and this week we are focusing on changing the story.  Have a look through this powerpoint for some ideas.

Goldilocks changed


In our wellbeing time this week we will be watching a short episode about emotions each day.  You can find them here.  This is helping the children to give names to the big emotions that they feel, and so help them to regulate them better.  This week we are looking at happy, sad, envious, and embarrassed.


Our bird this week is Danton the Idyllic Dove, who will be teaching us that peace comes from within.  If you are off ill and need the pack sending to you, I can do that easily.



This week we are looking at the key differences between a city, a town, and a village.  This video will help you.  You can also use google earth or look at a map together to see the differences.


Where would you rather live?


I hope all that helps – and I hope you are all in school so that you don’t need it!  If you are off, then someone will be calling home to make sure you can access all of this and that you are getting it done.  You can also use this page, or the homework grid, for your Friday afternoon work.  You’ve also got EducationCity and BugClub logins now, so you’ve lots to be getting on with!

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help,


Miss Cook





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